‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Jess Walton Returns To GC As Jill, Billy And Cane Face Matriarch’s Wrath

Young and the Restless spoilers state that Jill Abbott Atkinson (Jess Walton) returns once again to Genoa City. Fans will recall she returned briefly in June of 2017 after suffering a heart attack earlier in the year when she learned that Colin (Tristan Rogers) had stolen her life savings. Jill returns once again to confront the mess that her son Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) created for himself and Victoria’s company, Brash & Sassy, through reckless decisions made during the feud with his half-brother, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman).

The cosmetics company, Brash & Sassy, was originally created by Victoria Newman as a subsidiary of Newman Enterprises. The company was sold to Billy Abbott in 2016. Jill purchased the company from Billy and sold it to Victoria in January 2017, thus effectively returning the company to the Newman Enterprises fold.

Jill will no doubt be concerned that Billy is fighting to ruin Jabot, the company founded in the 1960s by Billy’s father, John Abbott. Unfortunately, due to his unwise decisions, Billy now appears set to ruin Brash & Sassy as Jill feared when she purchased the company. Worse still, Billy now finds himself totally at the mercy of his half-brother Jack (Peter Bergman) after he was caught red-handed committing corporate espionage.

Billy could go to jail if Jack decides to prosecute him for the criminal offense.

Billy stole Dina’s Jabot password and used it to access and download sensitive business information from Jabot systems. Billy gained access to Jabot systems on Phyllis Summers’ (Gina Tognoni) laptop.

Jill will also face the mess that her stepson, Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard), has made of his marriage to Lily (Christel Khalil). She will have tough words for Cane who ruined his marriage through infidelity and deceit. But Jill could help Cane end his unemployment by giving him a job at Chancellor. If Jack does not send him to jail, Billy may also need Jill’s help to find employment after Brash & Sassy sinks under the weight of scandals and the burden of bad business decisions.


However, longtime fans of Young and the Restless will note Cane has nothing on Jill when it comes to infidelity.

Young and the Restless fans will recall that when Jill worked for Jabot Cosmetics in the 1980s, she became romantically involved with John Abbot, the owner of Jabot Cosmetics at the time. The two broke up after Jill cheated with John’s son, Jack (Peter Bergman). She and John later got back together and married.

However, Jill cheated with Jack once again. Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) obtained photo evidence of Jill’s infidelity and showed the photos to John. John suffered a stroke as a result of the shock and divorced Jill.

Jill will also confront Juliet Helton (Laur Allen), Cane’s new baby mama. Yet again, Jill has also been involved in the past in filing workplace sexual harassment lawsuits, just like Juliet. She filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Jack after John broke up with her when he first discovered she was cheating on him with Jack.

Jack had to pay a settlement.

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