Report: Assad Using Chemical Weapons In Syria [Video]

According to doctors in the area, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons, specifically the paralytic Agent 15, in his attacks on rebels in recent days. The Syrian Medical Society (SAMS) interviewed witnesses and victims of the recent gas bomb attack and reported that it is impossible to verify the use of chemical weapons without laboratory tests but the reports are consistent with Agent 15, according to Business Insider.

Victims and witnesses at the scene report that soldiers loyal to Assad threw grenades that released a white gas that had a pungent odor. Immediately after exposure, they suffered from shortness of breath, loss of vision, inability to speak, dizziness, nausea, and paralysis. Those who had them also used the antidote to nerve gas called Atropine which, when combined with Agent 15, can lead to death itself.

President Obama has said on many occasions that the use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians is a “red line” that will incur an American military response. The use of such weapons is seen as a desperation move by the crumbling Assad regime and is a serious breach of international law. In addition to the Agent 15, Syria is believed to have massive stockpiles of Sarin, Mustard Gas, VX, and other deadly chemical weapons. There has been widespread reporting that Assad’s forces have already loaded bombers with Sarin for a planned offensive.

Israel National News is reporting that Syria is bracing for a level of foreign intervention. Iranian news sources have been saying that they suspect that rebels will gain access to chemical weapons and use them in a limited way while blaming Assad for their use. The goal would be to bring the international community into Syria to end Assad’s rule.

Iran is Syria’s last remaining ally in the Middle East. Russia has been a staunch ally of Assad but they are quickly losing patience with the loss of life and instability the conflict is causing. Moscow has recently said that there are a number of countries that would give Assad safe haven if he were to leave but that Russia would not be one of them.

Watch the reports of Syria loading deadly Sarin gas into their fighter bombers.