Stephen Paddock ‘Rain Man-Like’ Cryptic Note Of Numbers Calculates Death In Las Vegas Shooting

The Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock left a mystery in his wake and part of that mystery includes a cryptic note found on a table in his hotel room that contains nothing but numbers. Today that note is one piece of this disturbing mystery that has been solved, with investigators discovering it was penned by Paddock with hopes of maximizing his death toll in this event.

Stephen Paddock was a man of mystery with a “secret life” and a mind full of violence, which he turned into carnage by leaving his mark in history as the orchestrator of the nation’s worst mass killing. The man has left more questions than answers after embarking on an act so disturbing the average person finds it impossible to fathom. When police made their entrance into Paddock’s room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, what they found was mind-boggling.

Paddock left evidence of a very calculated and planned-out shooting, one that would eventually claim almost 60 lives, injure nearly 500 others, and spawn grief and fear throughout the nation. On Sunday morning, Fox & Friends Weekend described the numeric note that Paddock left behind in his hotel room as “Rain Man-like” calculations.

This note took everything into consideration from where he was standing in that hotel room to the exact distance he was from the crowd below him. According to CNN, this note contained the “calculations pertaining” to the trajectory and distance from his hotel window to the crowd below.

The note containing the handwritten calculations was a mystery at first, but upon analysis, it was discovered that these numbers “meticulously map out” an attack. It basically calculated where Paddock should aim his high-powered rifles to gain the most carnage in this attack. A “mathematical calculation so the killer could murder as many people as possible,” reported Fox on Sunday morning.

The Daily Mail reports that police believe Paddock practiced shooting in the days leading up to the Las Vegas massacre. Clips pulled from surveillance cameras around Vegas show footage of Paddock driving towards a secluded area that is known as a “shooting area.”

It has been almost a week since the massacre in Las Vegas, and what makes this mass shooting so different from all the rest, besides the horrific death toll and injuries amassed, is a complete lack of motive. Paddock doesn’t fit the typical profile of a mass shooter, in many aspects starting with his age of 64.

Paddock’s station in life as a very wealthy man is also out of the realm of a typical profile of a shooter, reports ABC News. He had a girlfriend who said she was “madly in love with him,” which also goes against the grain of what is known as typical of someone who would commit such a violent act.

[Featured Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images]