The Tesla Model S Might Soon Get An Improved, Movable Glass Roof, Thanks To Newly Filed Patent

The Tesla Model S is already a visually stunning vehicle. Filled with sleek lines and an option to have a massive panoramic glass roof installed, the electric car is pretty much as premium as it could get. If a recent patent filing by the carmaker is any indication, however, the future of the premium electric sedan might get even more interesting.

A patent filing from Tesla, published on October 5, 2017, features what appears to be a new type of glass roof for the carmaker’s electric vehicles. Unlike most of the glass roofs that are offered for the Model S, X, and Roadster, the new roofs in the recently published patent show a design that enables the glass panels to move in a unique manner.

Unlike usual convertible roofs, the recent Tesla patent reveals a design that features non-parallel tracks on the body of the vehicle. This would enable Tesla to design a larger opening in its iconic panoramic roofs, making its vehicles feel even airier than before.

“The fact that the tracks are parallel puts design limitations on the vehicle body. For example, a distance represents the spacing between the parallel tracks. In other words, with parallel tracks, the design of the vehicle’s roof has placed certain limitations on how large the sunroof opening can be made.”

Tesla’s current lineup has one model that supports a movable panoramic roof, and that is its flagship sedan, the Model S. The Model X, due to its Falcon Wing Doors are available with glass roofs, but they are non-movable, according to an Electrek report. The Model 3, yet another EV with a glass roof option, is also offered only with a fixed glass roof design.

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It is yet unclear if Tesla would indeed roll out its new patented glass roof design to its vehicle lineup. So far, the only EV in Tesla’s offerings that the new glass roof design could really work with is the Model S. Thus, there is a good chance that if Tesla does indeed roll out the new roof design, it would most likely make its debut with the company’s flagship sedan.

That is, of course, if Tesla does not make another version of its powerful Roadster. In a lot of ways, a movable glass roof sounds perfect for a small, lightweight, high-performance EV. Being a convertible, the first Tesla Roadster was equipped with a movable roof. Thus, if Tesla does make another iteration of its sports car, this new glass roof patent would practically be a perfect fit.

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