‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 111 Preview Breakdown: Hit Goes In For The Kill In Desperate Battle Against Jiren

Dragon Ball Super just aired what could possibly be two of its best episodes to date, with Goku and Jiren battling each other in an epic fight that included memorable beatdowns and a new transformation. With this in mind, expectations are pretty high for Dragon Ball Super Episode 111. After all, how does the acclaimed anime follow its best episodes to date?

Fortunately, the NEP for Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 suggests that Toei Animation knows completely what it’s doing. Leaks over the past week have already teased the plot of the upcoming DBS episode, with next week’s installment covering Hit’s valiant stand against the overpowered Jiren. If the scenes in the NEP are any indication, it seems like everyone’s favorite assassin would be putting up a pretty decent fight against the U11 monster.

The short preview, which was recently uploaded by Toei Animation Japan’s official YouTube channel, featured several scenes from the battle between the Pride Trooper and the U6 assassin. The NEP opened with Jiren literally curb-stomping Hit, and the U6 fighter being unable to hit the Pride Trooper with his ace technique, Time-Skip.

If any, it seems like Hit would at least be able to put up a better fight than pre-Super Saiyan Blue Goku, with the NEP showing the assassin being able to block several of Jiren’s strikes. Despite this, however, the short Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 teaser showed Hit getting unceremoniously kicked away by the Pride Trooper.

The closing moments of the Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 NEP featured Hit attempting to strike down Jiren with his heart-stopping move, a technique he used on Goku during their last battle. Interestingly, such a move managed to kill the U7 fighter for a bit, before the Saiyan was able to resuscitate himself using an energy blast.

Unfortunately, such a technique seemed to be ineffective against Jiren. In the DBS Ep 111 NEP, the Pride Trooper could be seen casually swatting away Hit’s attack. The final sequence of the short teaser, however, seemed to indicate something fascinating that would transpire next week.

Seemingly putting everything he has into an attack, Hit would be able to deliver his killing blow to Jiren’s heart at point-blank range. This, of course, could mean one particularly interesting development in the anime — the U6 assassin would be going for the kill, as noted by several DB fans in online forums such as Reddit.


This is quite interesting since killing is expressly forbidden in the Tournament of Power. Thus, in a lot of ways, it seems like the situation against Jiren would be so desperate that Hit would actually risk breaking the rules just to defeat the unstoppable U11 fighter.

Overall, the NEP for Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 teases yet another intense episode from the acclaimed anime.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan and is available for streaming in the West through services such as Crunchyroll and FunimationNow.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]