Major Update About Dolph Ziggler’s WWE Future: How Much Longer Will He Be With WWE?

Recently, it was reported that Dolph Ziggler’s WWE contract would be expiring in October. At the time, the WWE Universe didn’t know if that was the end of his career with WWE, or if the two sides were working on an extension. Considering how infrequently Ziggler has been featured on WWE programming over the past few months, a lot of people believed that he was finishing up with the company and would leave in October.

At WWE Hell in a Cell, Dolph Ziggler will face Bobby Roode. Their feud is rather new on SmackDown Live, but the expectation was that “The Show Off” would put over “The Glorious One” before departing. It is now being reported that some major plans have changed and Ziggler will be staying with WWE for a bit longer.

Apparently, WWE officials are interested in extending the rivalry between Roode and Ziggler beyond WWE Hell in a Cell. As a result, WWE officials have reached a short-term contract extension with Ziggler to keep him on WWE television for a little longer. It’s unclear how much longer he’ll remain with the company, but Dolph will more than likely be written off SmackDown Live once the feud with Bobby Roode has finished.

Dolph Ziggler Will Face Bobby Roode at WWE Hell in a Cell
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Heading into WWE Hell in a Cell, the expectation was that Roode was getting the win over Dolph, but with the news of Ziggler’s extension, the odds are more likely that “The Show Off” will leave Detroit with a huge win over “The Glorious One.” Ziggler has been receiving strong heat and controversy with his new gimmick over the past few weeks, so a big win on WWE PPV should give the feud with Roode a boost of momentum.

A lot of people have been saying that Dolph Ziggler has peaked as a performer for WWE, but the rest of the industry is full of opportunities for him. Unless something big changes behind the scenes, Dolph’s days are numbered with WWE. It seems he will part ways on good terms with WWE officials and with a strong feud against Bobby Roode. WWE fans should just remain mindful that they are watching Ziggler’s curtain call.

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