The Weeknd, Selena Gomez Engagement: Singer Reportedly Wants To Get Married

The Weeknd is ready to settle down and marry Selena Gomez, this according to a new report.

The singer has been dating his current girlfriend since January, and from what Hollywood Life has gathered, he has never shared such a close chemistry with any of the women he has dated in the past.

Sources tell the outlet that The Weeknd is obsessed with Selena — she’s one of the most caring and sweetest people he has ever met in his life, and he definitely doesn’t want to lose what he shares with her.

Now that they’ve been together for close to a year, The Weeknd has reportedly told friends that he wants to make things official: he wants to marry the former Disney star.

It’s something that The Weeknd is said to have thought about for months on end. In fact, after just weeks of dating, the “Can’t Feel My Face” hitmaker was already convinced that Gomez would be the one he will marry in the future.

When The Weeknd is on tour, Selena finds the time to see him as much as she can, and if she’s promoting something, the 27-year-old will do the same. They are incredibly supportive of each other’s careers, which is one of the reasons why their romance has become so strong.

When Selena had a secret kidney transplant over the summer, despite being on tour, The Weeknd made time to fly out and see his girlfriend at the hospital she was staying at to make sure she was well and recovering.

That alone was a moment for Gomez where she knew the relationship she shares with her beau is the real deal.

As of now, The Weeknd has reportedly only mentioned engagement plans to some of his closest friends. In the following months, he is definitely planning to pop the question, according to a source, who further adds that marrying Selena would fill The Weeknd’s heart.

With the “Deserve It” star wrapping his tour very soon, he’ll have plenty of time to put things in motion, such as picking out the engagement ring and presumably start planning the wedding right away.

Are you excited for The Weeknd and Selena?

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images]