‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 109-110 Recap And Review: Jiren’s Unstoppable Force Vs Goku’s New Power

Dragon Ball Super Episode 109-110 did not disappoint. From its opening scenes to its final moments, the one-hour TV special was nothing short of epic. Goku and Jiren’s fight was everything that fans have been looking forward to, from the Saiyan’s epic beatdown at the hands of the Pride Trooper, to the debut of the U7 fighter’s insane new transformation.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 started off with Goku still fighting U2’s strongest fighter, Ribrianne. Their fight was cut short, however, after Goku unceremoniously kicked the female fighter in Jiren’s direction. After this, all hell practically broke loose.

Finally deciding to stay on the sidelines, Jiren powers up, inciting fear and awe from the fighters and spectators in the Tournament of Power. Goku decided to meet Jiren head-on, starting with his basic transformation and powering up to his most dominant form. Everything, from regular Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan Blue, was utterly ineffective towards Jiren. Even when Goku powered to up Kaio-Ken x20, his attacks had no effect, much to the terror of his teammates.

At this point in the anime, it was evident that Dragon Ball Super was giving fans yet another throwback to its glory days. Goku’s progression of forms was a nod to his fight against Beerus, where he started from his base form and ultimately led up to Super Saiyan God.

Jiren’s reaction to SSG Goku’s attacks, on the other hand, was a throwback to how Goku countered Future Trunks’ assault in Dragon Ball Z during the young fighter’s introduction. Lastly, Krillin’s terror at learning that Goku was already using Kaio-Ken x20 was a throwback to the Saiyan’s fight with Frieza during DBZ‘s Namek Saga, where he powered to up to Kaio-Ken x10 without the knowledge of his allies.

Quite unsurprisingly, Dragon Ball Super fans in online forums such as Reddit were wholly impressed by the anime’s progression.

With all his forms proving ineffective, Goku opted to strike Jiren with the Spirit Bomb, his strongest technique. Despite everyone, including Frieza, lending energy to the attack, however, the massive ball of energy was merely pushed back by the Pride Trooper. The aftermath of the attack was pretty frightening, with Goku looking like he had died.

Goku eventually reemerges, however, officially debuting his new form. The entrance of his new transformation was excellent, with the animation showing a significant bump in quality and the music perfectly blending with the scene. With Goku finally ready to fight, Jiren got ready to battle the Saiyan once more.

The next round of Goku and Jiren’s battle was not as one-sided as the first half of this week’s TV special. This time around, Goku was able to put up a fight, even dominating Jiren’s teammates like their attacks were nothing. Jiren, on the other hand, really began to take the battle seriously, with the U11 champion aggressively attacking Goku.

Goku’s form, while pretty much unknown at this point, was dubbed by Beerus as Migatte no Goku’i, which roughly translates to Mastery of Self-Movement, a technique that even Gods of Destruction have a difficult time mastering. As it turns out, such a power was innate in Goku all along, and it partly took getting hit by his own Spirit Bomb to trigger the ability, as noted by DBS fan translator Herms98.


Unfortunately for Goku, his newfound power had a time limit, and he soon lost control of it. Admitting that he does not really understand the extent of his new abilities, Goku’s number one priority is how he could get back to his powerful transformation. Unfortunately, the TV special ended at this point, with 25 minutes left in the Tournament of Power.

Overall, the TV special ultimately proved that Toei Animation could deliver a perfect episode when the need arises. Expectations were incredibly high when the first previews of Dragon Ball Super Episode 109-110 were released. Despite the high bar set by fans, however, the hour-long special proved to be perfect.

Everything, from the animation to the fight choreography to the music was practically on point. Even the Dragon Ball Z and Goku vs. Beerus throwbacks were seamless. Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 109-110 proved to be among the finest episodes that the anime has delivered so far. It was, in a lot of ways, the perfect episode to show how an immovable force such as Jiren could battle a relentless foe like Goku.

And that, in more ways than one, is what makes Dragon Ball Super a real entry into the Dragon Ball franchise.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]