Tiny Harris: Bernice Burgos To Sabotage Marriage, Wants T.I. Reconciliation After Split

Tiny Harris could be in trouble if Bernice Burgos stands the chance of winning back her alleged ex-boyfriend, T.I.

The rapper, who was said to have been seeing the Instagram model in the midst of dealing with his divorce from Tiny Harris, is said to have cut all ties with Bernice following their breakup, having even refused to respond to her text messages.

It’s believed that T.I. made the decision to reconcile with his wife because he still had feelings for her; there was no chance he could see himself throwing away his marriage with the Xscape singer given the love they still have for one another.

After things fell flat between Burgos and T.I., Tiny Harris had agreed to give her husband another chance, stressing that this would be his last.

Note that Tiny’s initial decision to file for divorce back in December was solely said to have been over the supposed fact that the rapper had cheated on her with multiple women, leaving her no other option but to part ways with the rap mogul.

Now that months have gone by since T.I. and Tiny Harris has reconciled, Hollywood Life claims that Bernice is still upset that she’s no longer with the “Whatever You Like” star.


A source says that the mother-of-one genuinely saw herself having a future with T.I. after his marriage with Tiny Harris had fallen flat and the couple prepared for a divorce showdown in court.

She didn’t expect Harris to take him back, and it’s said to be killing her seeing the couple together after the romantic moments she shared with T.I. over the summer.

It’s said that Bernice would do anything to get T.I. back, showing little to no concern of how that would make Tiny Harris feel, stressing that she deserves to be with him more than her, the outlet alleges.

An insider concludes by saying that Bernice has somewhat formed an obsession with T.I., and the sad part is that it doesn’t look as if Tiny Harris will be leaving her man again anytime soon, so the chances for Burgos to reconcile with T.I. are very slim.

[Featured Image by Prince Williams/Getty Images]