LPBW: Matt Roloff Shows Off Handmade Birthday Card From 53 Years Ago, Roloffs Keep Busy With Pumpkin Season

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is getting a little nostalgic once again as he recently shared a couple of photos showing a birthday present he made for his sister 53 years ago.

Matt said that his sister Ruth sent him the “birthday card” that he made with his own hands back in 1964. The birthday card is actually a piece of orange paper or cardboard cut in the shape of a pumpkin. One side shows a cute drawing of a face with large uneven eyes. On the other side is a note saying the pumpkin birthday card was made by Matt, or Matthew as written the card. Matt apparently made the birthday card on October 31, 1964, when he was only 3-years-old.

Matt found it ironic that Ruth and their mother kept the pumpkin card “all these years.” He also found it amusing how pumpkins have been an integral part of his life since he was a toddler. While a pumpkin-themed card was a “very fun birthday gift” during his younger years, nowadays, Matt makes his living by growing actual pumpkins.

“Now in 2017, I’ve got pumpkins coming out of my ears,” Matt said. “Pumpkins rock.”

Aside from his sister Ruth, Matt also has a brother named Sam, who like Matt, is a person of short stature. The three have another brother named Joshua who sadly passed away in 1999.

Matt recently shared some details about his late brother on his memoir, Against Tall Odds: Being A David In A Goliath World. Matt said that Josh died from heart and lung problems when he was only 34-years-old. Josh was not supposed to last that long. Matt said that doctors told his parents that his brother would not make it out of the hospital alive after he was born.

Matt is not the only one keeping busy with pumpkin season. The rest of the Roloff family is doing their part to make this year’s pumpkin season a success.

Jeremy, for one, has been very active at Roloff Farms since the season began. He first shared video clips of the farm as he showed his Instagram followers what to expect when they come for a visit. Jeremy also said that he will be acting as the tour guide for those who will visit Roloff Farms.

Earlier, Jeremy shared a photo of himself with his wife Audrey posing in the middle of the farm’s pumpkin patch. This is actually the same photo Audrey shared a few days ago.


Jeremy included a caption with his photo saying that pumpkin season is “our favorite time of the year.” There are a number of reasons why Jeremy and the rest of the Roloff family would consider pumpkin season as such. First of all, pumpkin season brings income to the family.

Around this time, people come in droves to visit the farm and get their share of pumpkins and other pumpkin products. However, many of those who come to Roloff Farms are there to enjoy the numerous sights that Matt and the rest of the Roloff clan worked hard on.

Another reason why people like to go to the farm, particularly during pumpkin season, is to get to see the Roloff family do their stuff. It’s one thing for fans of Little People, Big World to watch the lives of each member of the Roloff clan unfold before their eyes via their TV screens. It’s a completely different experience to see them in real life. They get their chance when they visit the famed pumpkin farm.

The Roloff family is equally excited to see fans of their hit reality TV show at the farm.

“Excited to meet many of you and share this spit of land with you that we call The Farm,” Jeremy said in his Instagram post.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]