Man Lived With Dead Bodies Of Mom And Brother For A Year In Maggot-Infested House

A man from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, was very crafty at keeping relatives and friends away from his home, as he kept his mother and his twin brother’s decaying bodies in the house for an entire year. Robert Kuefler told authorities that he just couldn’t bring himself to bury his mother and brother so he kept them in the house that the three shared.

Before the bodies were discovered, Kuefler got very creative with keeping people at bay who wanted to stop by to see his mother or brother. To cover the fact that his family members were dead, he sent Christmas cards out to people explaining that his mother and brother were ill and that his mother did not want any visitors, according to Fox News.

Over the course of that year, he told people that his mother and brother couldn’t hear the phone when it rang, in an attempt to explain why they didn’t answer the phone. Unbeknownst to all their friends and family, the mother and the brother’s bodies were decaying inside that home, a home where visitation was adamantly discouraged by Kuefluer.

The 60-year-old Kuefler told police that at one point during the year, his brother’s body was “in the way,” prompting him to move his twin’s remains into the bathroom. The conditions of the bodies were listed on the police reports. The description of “mummified” was used for the brother’s remains and the mother’s body was deemed “decayed” and “skeletal.”

Kuefler also gave police the date that his loved ones died, which he claimed was of natural causes. His twin brother, Richard Kuefler, died in July of 2015, and his mother passed away a month later in August, according to Twin Cities Press.

Medical Examiners removing body bag from home
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A criminal complaint against Kuefler was filed in Ramsey County District Court this week charging him with “interference with a dead body or scene of death.” This charge was rendered against Kuefler because he didn’t inform police of the deaths of his mother and brother.

The bodies remained inside the home for a year with Kuefler living beside them. If it wasn’t for the overgrown lawn at the house, the bodies might still be in their same spots that they were before police went to the address following up on a complaint.

A neighbor had called authorities after the lawn hadn’t been cut for quite some time and they hadn’t seen any activity on the premises for a while, which had them concerned. The police went out to the house and they spotted what looked like a dead body through a window, prompting them to force entry into the home.

The body of 94-year-old Evelyn Lucille Kuefler was found in an upstairs bedroom and Richard Kuefler was found in the basement, according to the police reports. A medical examiner did determine that both deaths were due to natural causes and that they had died a year prior to being found.

Kuefler was a caretaker for both his ailing mother and brother. The dwelling was “temporarily deemed uninhabitable” until a professional cleaning company, which was hired by the city, got in there to do a “deep clean of the house.” The house contained bodily fluids, the stench was reportedly unbearable, and the home was infested with maggots.

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