Caroline Kennedy Cheating Rumor: Report Claims Hillary Clinton Spread Rumors To Smear Her Political Rival

Caroline Kennedy was mired in rumors that she was cheating on her husband, and now a new report claims that Hillary Clinton was the one behind the smear.

Kennedy and Clinton reportedly shared a strained relationship, dating back to the 2008 presidential campaign when the daughter of JFK decided to back Barack Obama. It was considered a major win for Obama at the time and helped to give the upstart Illinois Senator momentum to win the Democratic Primary over Hillary Clinton, who had been at some points considered a shoe-in for the nomination.

A new report claims that Clinton looked for a measure of revenge on Caroline Kennedy for the slight. A new report from AVENUE MAGAZINE claims that Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal went on a campaign to discredit Kennedy by spreading rumors claiming that she was cheating on her husband.

“And when you betray the Clintons, Sidney is like an attack dog who will go after any legitimate target, including the state of an opponent’s marriage,” a source reportedly told the outlet.

Rumors that Caroline Kennedy was cheating started to spread just weeks after the election, when Barack Obama appointed Hillary Clinton to serve as Secretary of State. As Radar Online reported, there were rumblings that Kennedy was angling to win an appointment to Clinton’s vacant Senate seat, which ended up going to Kirsten Gillibrand instead after Kennedy endured a series of minor mishaps.

It is not clear if there is much truth to the report that Hillary Clinton spread rumors that Caroline Kennedy was cheating, but the source is at least a notch above internet rumor mills. AVENUE MAGAZINE covers Manhattan high society, but includes real reporting and has a reputation for reputable reporting.

Caroline Kennedy has been subject to a number of rumors about her marriage to Ed Schlossberg. In 2014, there were reports that the couple was close to splitting up after Kennedy took a high-profile ambassadorship to Japan. Kennedy was nominated for the post the previous year and won confirmation easily, but reports said that her husband was tired of Caroline putting her career first and wanted to divorce.

So far, Caroline Kennedy has not commented on the reports of her infidelity, and Hillary Clinton has not commented on the accusations that she was behind those rumors.

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