Jessica Parido Denies She Reunited With Mike Shouhed In NYC And Is Betraying Him By Dating Mr. Flawless

Is Jessica Parido somehow betraying her ex-husband, Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed, by dating a good friend of his? Immediately after Jessica went public with her relationship with celebrity jeweler Greg Yuna, aka Mr. Flawless, she was accused of going behind Mike's back by getting together with Mr. Flawless. She is now defending herself by stating that her new beau and Mike were never even friends. Jessica has further denied the claim, made by Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi in a preview clip for the upcoming episode, that she had a rendezvous with Mike while the group were in New York City.

As viewers saw on last week's episode, Mike, while the group were in New York City to watch GG perform in her play, took Mercedes "MJ" Javid to Mr. Flawless's business. Mike described Yuna as "his boy" and jeweler.

Coincidentally, just days before that episode aired, Jessica posted the first photo of herself with Mr. Flawless. Jessica's photo clearly indicated that she and Greg Yuna are more than just friends.

While a lot of viewers left comments on Jessica's photo congratulating her on moving on from Mike and cheering her new relationship, there were also quite a bit of comments that criticized Jessica for being with a friend of Mike's. Jessica responded to that criticism by denying that Mike and Greg are friends. In one comment, Jessica told one viewer to get her facts straight and that her new beau is not Mike's friend.
"jessica___@vee_free_lance get your facts straight. This is not mikes friend. Mind ya business"
In response to another viewer who wrote that Jessica being in a relationship with Yuna is "shady" behavior, Jessica agreed that it would be if Mr. Flawless was actually Mike's "boy."
"jessica___@dreamingcali_ yes, if he was mikes boy that would be very shady"
Jessica Parido also cleared up the claim that she, after the divorce was finalized, reunited with Mike Shouhed while he and the other cast members were in New York City. A preview clip for the next Shahs of Sunset, to air on Sunday night, shows Golnesa "GG" Gharachedagi, Reza Farahan, and Reza's husband, Adam Neely, grilling Mike about where he spent the previous night. GG and Reza teased Mike about not sleeping in his hotel room. Mike claims that he went to see his cousin. Unconvinced, GG asks Mike whether it was Jessica he spent the night with.
"Here's the better question, Jessica was here last week when I was here. Did she stay?"
Mike doesn't say anything but smiles, prompting Reza to proclaim that it's a yes to the question.

In a confessional interview, GG states that she knows for a fact that there's still something going on between Mike and Jessica. GG says that she was on Instagram the other day and saw a photo that Mike posted of the new puppies that he got. GG points out that Jessica can be fuzzily seen in the photo.

"Oh whose reflection do we see in the background? Jessica! Caught you buddy!"
That photo, which is still up on Mike's Instagram page, was taken in January.
One viewer left a comment on Jessica's first photo of herself and Mr. Flawless asking about whether she reunited with Mike in New York City. Jessica denied that she did.
"persian2one: I think this and I might be a bit crazy and totally wrong but if you watch the tv show that's the jeweller at the NY shop. Mike meets up with Jessica in a hotel in the next episode. The truth is Mike and Jess will have a chapter II because it is the second chance!!????

jessica___@persian2one you're wrong. And I wasn't in NYC. Editing"

Jessica's relationship with Greg Yuna is apparently already so serious that they're vacationing together. On Friday night, Jessica posted another photo, this one seemingly of them in a high-rise hotel room overlooking palm trees and clear blue waters. The photo shows Mr. Flawless snuggling his face into Jessica' chest as she smiles contently. Set before them are some tropical drinks.
Again, several viewers criticized Jessica for being with Mr. Flawless based on the perception that he's Mike's friend. In one comment, Jessica clarified that her boyfriend has only met Mike once in his life. Jessica chastised the viewer for building an entire story in her head off of one, two-minute reality TV show clip.
"jessica___@grubbinz awwww I feel sorry for you. U built an entire story in your head off of a 2 min reality show clip???? he has met mike once in his life. Mind ya business. Thanks"
Unfortunately for viewers hoping to see Jessica Parido's new relationship with Greg Yuna, and Mike Shouhed's reaction to that, play out on Shahs of Sunset, it seems that such a storyline won't air. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessica confirmed several months ago that she didn't film for the current season.

[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Icelink]