Chef Gordon Ramsay Says Diners Asked Him To Use Cocaine In His Recipes

Chef Gordon Ramsay is making it his personal mission to remove the glamour and cache from cocaine. The Scottish chef who hosts Masterchef and The F Word says that throughout his career, he has been surrounded by the addictive drug. To get his message across, Chef Gordon Ramsay created a docu-series called Gordon On Cocaine which will debut on ITV in the U.K.

Throughout his career, Chef Gordon Ramsay says diners have asked him to use cocaine in his recipes.

“I’ve been asked to dust cocaine on top of soufflés, to put it on as icing sugar…coke’s everywhere. Gordon on Cocaine. It’s spiraling out of control.”

Chef Gordon Ramsay wants to get the message out that there is a very dark side to cocaine. In Gordon On Cocaine, Gordon Ramsay traveled to Columbia to a coca farm to watch the drug-making process which includes covering coca leaves in cement powder, diluted sulfuric acid, and battery acid. Ramsay was gobsmacked watching the cocaine be made by local Columbian farmers.

“I’ve cooked some serious s–t in my life but nothing quite on this level.”

Chef Gordon Ramsay wants viewers not to fool themselves into thinking that cocaine won’t touch their lives because it’s everywhere.

In his career, Chef Gordon Ramsay says that he has seen cocaine and been served it.

“I saw cocaine quite early on in my career. I’ve been served it. I’ve been given it. I’ve had my hand shaken and left with little wraps of foil in it.”

In Gordon On Cocaine, Chef Gordon Ramsay wants the U.K. to know that Great Britain is Europe’s biggest cocaine customer, importing around 30 tons of the potentially lethal product every year.

Chef Gordon Ramsay says that in his career he has personally seen how cocaine ruins lives, as his friend and protege David Dempsey overdosed on cocaine and fell to his death.

“With soaring cocaine deaths in Britain and along the coke supply chain, I’m determined to understand the criminal business behind this deadly drug.”

It is timely that Chef Gordon Ramsay is presenting his docu-series Gordon On Cocaine as police in the U.K. are warning citizens that street cocaine is now close to 100 percent pure, which makes it even more deadly.

Harry Shapiro of the organization Drugwise says there is a dramatic rise in the purity of cocaine on the streets of Great Britain.

“When cocaine is imported into the country, it’s never 100% pure – to find levels like what we’re seeing, it’s hardly being cut at all.”


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Shapiro says that most dealers are simply local people working through their cell phones, and because of the crackdown, there is more risk in cutting the cocaine, so it’s less dangerous to leave it as-is.

“One reason might be that there’s been a big crackdown on the people who supply the chemicals used to cut drugs. So it’s a bit harder to get hold of the actual powders you’d use to cut cocaine – and it’s probably more of a risk.”

Do you think that Chef Gordon Ramsay is doing his duty by educating the public on cocaine? Will you watch Gordon On Cocaine when it airs in the U.S.?

[Featured Image by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]