Jay-Z opens Game 2 with Alicia Keys, gets dissed by Beanie Sigel

Jay-Z opened Game 2 of the World Series last night with a performance of his new New York anthem "Empire State of Mind," featuring Alicia Keys. (Video below.)

Players and fans completely rocked out to the song, off the Blueprint 3 and playing out of approximately 15% of car windows throughout the tri-state area right now. Derek Jeter told MLB.com:

"I think it's special for all of New York," Yankees captain Derek Jeter said of the hit song which is on Jay-Z's album "The Blueprint 3" and doubles as Jeter's at-bat music.

"I think it almost seems like it's the anthem for New York right now," Jeter added. "I got an opportunity to get to know Jay-Z throughout the years and he's very, very talented doing a lot of things. But he knows what he's doing, so I think New York has kind of embraced that song."

Interestingly, the Wall Street Journal of all publications posted this morning about Beanie Sigel supposedly dissing Hova in a new track called "Average Cat."

The song, "Average Cat,"contains lyrics that reference an incident that supposedly occured at Jay-Z's September 11 tribute concert. "The rapper Shawn called the police on me//cause I was front row at the Blue Print 3," Siegel raps, referring to Jay-Z's latest album, which he premiered live at the show.
The WSJ points out that Sigel just commented on how everyone has been having a go at Jigga lately, and it's just not right.
"This ain't the green light for everybody to start making diss Jay-Z records," he said, adding that "this just me taking my brother out in the yard for 5 minutes."
Is this because you from Philly, Beanie?