Meghan Markle Giving Up ‘Suits’ For Engagement To Prince Harry? Tough Choices A Princess Has To Make

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s romance shows every sign of going the royal distance, Markle is faced with the worst decision of her life. The career actress and star of the hit legal show Suits will have to decide between her two big loves: acting and Prince Harry.

The problem is, Meghan will have to make that heart-wrenching decision before she gets a commitment from Prince Harry. Keep reading to find out how the pressure is building for the princess-in-waiting!

The “biggest role of her career” on Suits has brought Meghan Markle to where she is today, but it could be the biggest obstacle to the role of her life as wife to Prince Harry.

The legal drama keeps Meghan in Toronto, Canada, for much of the year, and Prince Harry’s work and family mean he has to be based in London, near his staff at Kensington Palace.

“Harry can’t move to Toronto, so she’ll have to move eventually if they want to be together.”

If Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement is announced, then Meghan would have to give up Suits, but the decision dilemma she faces now is trickier. The Daily Mail shared that it “would mean a lot” for Meghan to walk out on her acting career at this stage of her relationship with her royal boyfriend.

Without an engagement ring and official announcement from Kensington Palace, Meghan’s situation is difficult. She can’t easily deepen her relationship with Prince Harry and make sure the life of a royal princess is for her while she’s bound to her role as Rachel Zane on Suits, but quitting the show without a commitment from Prince Harry is a scary step.

Markle, 36, and Harry, 33, took their relationship to another level when, for the first time, they officially appeared together at a public event. During the Invictus games in Toronto, the two sat side by side for some events and even kissed and held hands in public.

kate Middleton and Prince William do not hold hands in public, but Meghan Markle and Prince Harry now do.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hold hands in public during their first official public appearance together. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

That PDA convinced many royal watchers that Meghan and Harry were secretly already engaged. However, there’s still no ring on Meghan’s finger, and the two are keeping tight-lipped about their plans.

The Metro reported that Markle has yet to ink a deal for the eighth season of Suits, but Meghan hasn’t said that she is leaving the show. That hesitation has many royal fans wondering if Meghan is hoping Prince Harry will pop the question, but Harry is just not quite ready.

For others, the lack of news is simply an example of Meghan Markle’s fitness to be married to her prince. She’s as careful as Kate Middleton when it comes to spilling royal beans.

If Meghan and Prince Harry are engaged secretly, she isn’t going to give in to pressure to tell anyone about it. Earlier, The Sun shared that the lack of a deal is the “surest sign yet the couple are preparing to get engaged.”

A Meghan and Harry insider said that “Meghan loved playing Rachel and feels she owes so much to Suits,” so she will put a lot of thought into making a decision to leave.

The romance path for Prince Harry and his girlfriend is in some ways even more challenging than it was for Prince William and Kate Middleton. The spotlight was stronger on the heir to the throne, but William and Kate had years to get to know each other before giving up all claims to privacy.

Meghan and Harry are much older than Kate Middleton and William were when they started dating, so they are more prepared to take on the responsibilities of royal marriage. On the other hand, they don’t have a lot of time ahead of them if they want to have children.

Meghan recently shared how she and Harry feel about this stage of their relationship. She said she knows that eventually, they will “have to come forward and present ourselves,” but right now, “this is our time. This is for us.”

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]