Good News For Jon Jones Fans About His Potential Suspension Following Big Reveal

When news broke that Jon Jones tested positive for steroids, the MMA community had mixed reactions. Some believed that the former champion took the steroid for an advantage while others supported the theory that the performance enhancer entered his body via a tainted supplement.

UFC VP of Athlete Relations Jeff Novitzky delivered some good news for Jon Jones fans who are still hopeful that the 29-year-old undefeated fighter is innocent. While it is believed that Jones could receive a potential career-ending four-year suspension, Novityzky revealed that Jones could potentially receive little or no punishment.

Jones and the UFC will have to retrace Jones’s activity from July 6 when he tested negative for any banned substances. The former champion’s team will have to test every supplement he used to prove the banned substance came from a non-high-risk source to get off scot-free.

If Jones is able to do this, the USADA may give Jones a “no fault sanction,” which does not carry a suspension.

In the event that Jon Jones recklessly took a tainted substance as with his previous sanction, his punishment will be doubled and he will be suspended for two years.

Last year, Jones tested positive for clomiphene and letrozole. Three different independent arbitrators ruled that “Bones” Jones had not purposely used anything to enhance his performance. However, he was issued a one-year suspension for his reckless behavior.

In the event that Jones knowingly cheated, he will receive the four-year suspension. According to, Mr. Novitzky went on to say that it is unlikely that Jones would intentionally use the banned substance turinabol because of the development of detection methods that was widely reported in the media.

“It would not make sense to go to this drug because of the multi-month detection window. So, that would leave me to believe that it was probably from non-purposeful ingestion.”

The UFC VP of Athlete Relations Jeff Novitzky also revealed how some athletes may unknowingly take a banned substance. Novitzky said that some USADA violations can stem from eating meat from cattle that were given banned substances and cited this as an example of where a fighter can receive a no-fault sanction.

Can Jon Jones prove he is innocent? It is certainly a long shot but the good news has given some Jon Jones fans hope.

Despite losing to Jones, who had a performance enhancer in his system, Daniel Cormier still wants the third fight.

Do you think Jon Jones knowingly used a performance enhancer?

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