Andy Signore Of ‘Honest Trailers’ Accused Of Sexually Harassing Multiple Women, Including Intern

Andy Signore, the co-creator of YouTube’s Honest Trailers series, is facing allegations of sexual abuse from at least three women, including one who previously worked for him as an intern. This comes in the aftermath of the high-profile sexual abuse probe involving Hollywood studio executive Harvey Weinstein.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, former Signore intern Emma Bowers was inspired to speak up about the alleged sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her boss after the New York Times published an investigative report on the Weinstein case. In a series of screenshots tweeted on Thursday, Bowers detailed the instances where Signore supposedly made unwelcome advances to her, starting with the time he messaged her to tell her how “hot” she was and claimed he masturbated to some pin-up photos of her. As the former intern recalled, Signore then invited Bowers to “come over so he could do it in person.”

After Bowers brushed off Andy Signore’s comments as a joke, the Honest Trailers co-creator allegedly replied with the following statement.

“You can read a book for all I care.”

Bowers also alleged that Signore sarcastically told her off a few months later when she told him she would be backing out of the project they were working on. This, she claimed, “killed (her) desire” to get into the field of costume design.

Following Bowers’ post, another woman claimed to have suffered similar harassment from Andy Signore. Honest Trailers fan April O’Donnell (aka April Dawn) was cited by the Hollywood Reporter as saying she first met Signore at the Chicago Comic Con in 2015 and was later flown out to Los Angeles by Honest Trailers makers Screen Junkies so she could appear on its Movie Fights YouTube series.

In a Twitter post, O’Donnell said that she has been in contact with Screen Junkies parent company Defy Media’s human resources department for the past two months, with two other women joining her and also claiming that they were sexually harassed by Signore.

“He took out sex toys and tried to force them in me, took pictures of me without my permission and promised a position at Screen Junkies for sexual favors,” O’Donnell alleged.

O’Donnell also claimed in her Twitter statement that Defy Media HR failed to take her accusations seriously, and that Signore threatened to fire her boyfriend, Screen Junkies engineer Josh Tapia, if she ever spoke out about the alleged sexual abuse. Mashable noted that Tapia has since issued a public statement in support of his girlfriend, also alleging that Defy Media turned a blind eye to the complaints made against Signore.

According to TheWrap, a third woman named Devin Murphy accused Signore of sending her suggestive direct messages on Twitter, as well as an email “he sent to me that scares me.” One of the DMs supposedly had Signore asking Murphy to dress in a certain costume for his pleasure.

The co-creation of Brett Weiner and Andy Signore, Honest Trailers has been a huge hit with YouTube viewers since February 2012, thanks to its satirically “honest” descriptions of popular television shows and movies. The series has accumulated more than 157 million views and has become a pop culture phenomenon of sorts, featuring mainstream celebrity guests such as singer Michael Bolton and actor Ryan Reynolds in recent years.

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