LunaR: The World’s First Stylish Smartwatch Empowered By Solar Energy

As a contrast to its name LunaR, this stylish and elegant smartwatch is strengthened by solar energy, yet it’s inspired by the Moon. It will provide you information and time without the need of electrical energy and recharge.

This smartwatch is designed by the chief designer Gavin Brown. Meanwhile, the transparent solar panel that is used in LunaR is pioneered by Sunpartner, which is a leading solar technology company in France. Its solar panel produces energy from various light sources while providing clear luminosity in the panel, according to Kickstarter.

LunaR could be charged with both indoor and outdoor light. It could operate and give power to battery life with just one hour of daily exposure.

You can do many things with this solar-powered smartwatch just like any other smartwatches. It features dual times zones, sunrise/sunset tracking, activity tracking, smartphone notifications, alarms and sleep monitoring, according to Android Authority.

It also has a colored LED display that has a ring of LED lights to indicate the hours. And when you are traveling, LunaR could display two-time zones. These include your local time, which is being shown through LED and your home time, which is displayed on watch hands.

Your local time is also updated based on the GPS by the app. If there is no GPS available, just choose the city of your choice and the correct time will be displayed on your watch.


If in case you drop it in water, no need to worry because this smartwatch has waterproof up to 5ATM (50 meters). The case of LunaR is about 41mm in diameter and it is made from stainless steel. It comes in different models such as the sapphire-coated glass and the sapphire crystal glass.


LunaR’s movement is Japanese, MIYOTA SUPER GL26. Its battery type is rechargeable Li-polymer 110mAh and has Bluetooth Low Energy of 4.0. Its sensors include the MEMS 3-axis accelerometer.

This smartwatch works with iOS 10 and higher and Android 4.3 and higher. It is also compatible with Apple Health Kit and Google Health.

It is reported that it will be available in the market by December 2017. Its estimated price is about $239. On the other hand, for those early consumers, the company offers a price on Kickstarter of $138 for the model with sapphire-coated glass. Meanwhile, the sapphire crystal glass model is priced at $169 and will be delivered in 2018. Keep track of this solar-powered smartwatch!

[Featured Image by LisaAlisa_ill/Thinkstock]