‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patient 6 Arrives In PC, Seeks Out Sam, Tries To Prove He Is The ‘Real’ Jason

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Billy Miller) discuss their family’s future. Both agree they need to pursue a new life. They agree that they need to work at establishing a safe and secure family life after having exposed themselves to danger and taking too many risks in the past. What this means is that Jason will begin to cut ties with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and avoid mafia entanglements.

Unfortunately, Jason and Sam are unaware of a new, looming threat to the stability of their family life.

Jason And Sam Pursue A New Life

Jason has already put Sonny on notice about his plans for the future. When Sonny visited Jason soon after he recovered from coma, Jason told Sonny that he plans to cut ties with him because he wants to avoid mob entanglements in the future. He told Sonny that he does not want to take any more risks or expose his family to danger as a result of his ties to Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers hint that the friendship between Jason’s family and Sonny’s will suffer a setback as a result of Jason’s decision. However, it is likely that Sonny will understand the reason behind the decision and will not take it personally.

General Hospital spoilers for October 16 reveal that Jason demonstrates his resolve to avoid danger and pursue a new life. It is not yet certain how he demonstrates his resolve but General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason gets a phone call from Julian (William deVry). It looks like he contacted Julian possibly as part of some efforts to find a new and safe employment after he leaves the hospital. It is possible that Julian makes a very attractive offer but Jason rejects it because of the risks it entails.

Patient 6 Arrives, Scuttles JaSam’s Plans to Start A New Life

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Sam also shows resolve to stick to their decision to pursue a new life. She mulls over a major decision about the future of her family and announces her decision on October 17, according to CDL.

The cryptic spoilers have sparked speculation among fans. Fans are wondering exactly what major decision about her family’s future that Sam takes next week. It is unlikely that JaSam is planning to leave Port Charles to pursue a new life. There aren’t any indications that Jason and Sam will be away from Port Charles when Patient 6 arrives during the week of October 16.

GH spoilers hint that Patient 6 (Steve Burton) arrives in Port Charles on October 19. It is likely that the first person he seeks out when he arrives in Port Charles in Sam. Confronting a newcomer who has her husband’s old face will prove to be a deeply shocking experience for Sam. It is likely that she won’t believe her eyes.

It remains to be seen how Patient 6 goes about trying to convince Sam that he is the real Jason. He could try to convince Sam by revealing information about her that only Jason could know.

It also remains to be seen how Jason (Billy Miller) responds to the bizarre challenge posed by the mysterious newcomer.

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