'The Little Couple' Update: How Is Jen Arnold Doing After Cancer Battle? Star Talks About Show's Title

The Little Couple is in its ninth season, and fans are in for a fun and adventure-packed season ahead. While the stars of the hit TLC reality series recently made a big decision to move from Texas to Florida, many fans could not help but wonder about the health status of Dr. Jen Arnold after being diagnosed and treated for cancer.

The Little Couple Season 9 recently premiered on TLC, with a special episode featuring Bill Klein's tribute to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Many were touched by the couple's deed, which brought out testimonials and heartfelt messages among their fans and viewers that their blessings are products of their good deeds.

Indeed, The Little Couple stars are blessed after successfully going through one of the most difficult challenges in their family - when Jen was diagnosed with cancer. The TLC reality drama closely followed the life of the family, as they battle it out against cancer, for several seasons.

Viewers saw Jen receive chemotherapy treatments during the previous seasons of The Little Couple. In 2014, as In Touch reports, Jen shared the good news that her cancer is in remission. It has already been three years and with no updates regarding Jen's health status, it would be safe to say that Jen has successfully won against cancer.

It also seems like Jen, Bill, and their kids have recently made a big decision to move to Florida. Speaking to Access Hollywood, Jen and Bill explained that they decided to move to a different state after Jen received an offer to work for another facility.

The Little Couple stars also admitted that they feel very fortunate that the viewers love their show and welcome them with open arms. However, Jen and Bill shared that they were not too fond of the show's name at first because their goal on being in the show was too "break down barriers" and remove stereotypes associated with their physical attributes.

Jen explained that the title, The Little Couple, already gave off an impression that they are different from others, but as the series went on, Jen and Bill were able to show the audience that their lives are pretty much the same as others. Jen and Bill also shared that they and the kids are having fun being on the show, which came as a relief to most people, as these two recently admitted that they were having a lot of conversations about possibly leaving the series.

[Featured Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Shorty Awards]