Alligator Found In Detroit In Vacant Lot, Rescuer Takes It Home

Detroit, MI – An alligator found in Detroit will have a new home after originally turning up in a vacant lot.

The alligator was originally found Thursday night after being tossed out of a truck in temperatures hovering just above freezing, WDIV-TV reports. The 5-foot-long alligator was found in an abandoned lot on Detroit’s east side.

Shontez Gibson was with his uncle when he saw the alligator being dumped into the field and decided to rescue it.

“A black truck pulled up, they got out and I thought they was dumping a body,” said Shontez Gibson, who helped rescue the exotic animal. “So, I told my uncle. My uncle said, ‘Come on, let’s go see.’ My uncle chased the truck up the street and they stopped, so my uncle ran back. And when we got back in the field I said, ‘No, it’s an alligator.’ “

Gibson was nervous at first to handle the live alligator.

“So, he said, ‘Pick it up,’ I said, ‘No, you pick it up!’ ” Gibson said. “He said, ‘All right, come on, let’s take it in the house.’ I pick it up, take it in the house. He was scared and ran.”

Despite the danger posed from a live alligator, Gibson and his uncle took the alligator to his home where it was kept warm with a space heater while he fed it some fish, the Detroit Free Press reported.

On Friday, the Michigan Humane Society swooped in to take in the alligator found in Detroit. It is now resting comfortably at the Humane Society’s facility in Rochester Hills, north of Detroit. Officials from the Motor City said the alligator found in Detroit may sound incredible to outsiders, but, within the city, it’s not uncommon to find all kinds of things in vacant lots which become de-facto dumping grounds for trash and other refuse.