BTS Jimin’s Weight Loss: Fans Upset At K-Pop Star For Lying About His Diet

Despite being a part of one of the most popular K-pop groups to date, BTS member Jimin still shockingly lacks self-confidence. The South Korean singer-songwriter and television presenter shared his struggles with his weight in the BTS’s latest WINGS Concept Book and it has gotten mixed emotions from fans. Some quickly shared their support to the star, while others were obviously upset.

The obsession of looking thin in the K-pop industry has been very alarming but it is clearly still happening. There were so many K-pop idols who shared their struggles in losing weight and Jimin is the latest one who opened up about his journey.

The BTS singer shared that he follows a strict diet during the BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” era and admitted that he would go days without eating. Jimin added that the other members, Jin (Kim Seok-jin), Suga, (Min Yoon-gi), J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok), Rap Monster (Kim Nam-joon), V (Kim Tae-hyung), and Jungkook (Jeon Jeong-guk) have invited him to eat but he would decline in an effort to shed off the pounds as quickly as possible.

Jimin then shockingly revealed that he often passed out during dance practices.

After learning about Jimin’s weight loss struggles, fans started the hashtag #JiminYouArePerfect to show their support. However, some were upset at the BTS singer for lying to them.


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K-pop fans want nothing more than for their idols to keep themselves healthy. Since the fans of BTS, also known as ARMY, know how hectic their schedules are, they always ask the members about their health on social media, especially during their live broadcasts.

The boys, including Jimin, have always assured their fans that they are taking good care of themselves. So after learning that Jimin would not eat to lose weight, many were furious.

One fan said, “‘Don’t worry about us. We eat well.’ I don’t want to hear this lie again, Park Jimin. I swear to god I’m gonna sue bighit [BTS management] and your managers if they [don’t] let you eat well!” Another fan agreed and said, “I think the management has to do something with this. I mean, this kid has seriously got some confidence issues.”

While many were blaming Big Hit Entertainment for Jimin’s weight loss struggles, one fan said that it was the singer’s choice to do it to himself and the fans might even be the cause of it. “They do let him eat well. It’s Jimin who wants to diet this way,” the comment read. “Because fans have become so obsessed with seeing his abs that he thinks that he has to have abs to have fans.”


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