Stephen Paddock: Authorities Continue To Say Las Vegas Shooter Had ‘No Known’ Ties To ISIS & ‘Acted Alone’

Stephen Paddock reportedly had “no known” ties to ISIS and also “acted alone,” according to authorities in a news update on Friday. KTLA shared parts of a new CNN interview and news conference with a Nevada deputy sheriff who continued to maintain that Stephen Paddock’s Sunday night massacre on the Las Vegas strip was not connected to the overseas militant group, ISIS. Kevin C. McMahill, an undersheriff in the Nevada county where Stephen Paddock opened fire on a group of thousands, also claimed that the gunman had no outside help, despite previous reports that Paddock may have had an accomplice.

These new updates come five days after 64-year-old Stephen Paddock gunned down 58 people and injured hundreds more at a crowded country music concert on Sunday night in Las Vegas. The Clark County undersheriff reportedly talked to reporters at a news conference on Friday and afterward had an interview with CNN. KTLA summed up what McMahill said in the CNN interview and also what was learned at the media briefing. According to McMahill, authorities are “confident” that Stephen Paddock had no one else with him in his 32nd floor Mandalay Bay hotel room on Sunday night and acted as a lone gunman when he fired semi-automatic weapons out of a broken window at a crowd of thousands.

McMahill also maintains that authorities believe that Stephen Paddock had no outside assistance in committing Sunday night’s murderous crime, which is contrary to earlier reports that said he may have had outside help. During Friday’s CNN interview, authorities indicated that Stephen Paddock did not have an accomplice and no one else knew he was planning the attack — not even ISIS, who continues to claim responsibility. Investigators reportedly still have not been able to link Stephen Maddock’s deadly mass shooting to ISIS or any other connection to terror. As the investigation continues, the updates on Friday continue to deny the previous speculation that Stephen Paddock did not carry out his plan alone and that he had become a “soldier of the caliphate” months before the shooting.

However, KTLA reported that authorities are not any closer to finding Stephen Paddock’s motive for carrying out the “deadliest mass shooting” by a lone gunman in “modern U.S. history,” as described by ABC News. According to CBS News on Friday, Paddock’s longtime girlfriend, Marilou Danley, reportedly told investigators that she had been worried about his “mental stability,” saying he displayed “mental health symptoms.” Danley’s attorney has since said that she will not be “making any more public statements” about Stephen Paddock and Sunday night’s Las Vegas shooting. KTLA added that the FBI is planning to “put up billboards around Las Vegas” in an attempt to seek witnesses and other people who had interaction with Stephen Paddock prior to the deadly shooting.

[Featured Image by Gregory Bull/AP Images]