Jeremy Roloff Shares Clip Of Audrey And Tori Bonding With Jackson And Ember, Daughter’s First Ever Mule Ride

Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff recently shared something very interesting to his followers on Instagram. With the 2017 pumpkin season in full swing, it seems like the Roloff in-laws, Audrey and Tori, are starting to spend some time together. In fact, the two beautiful mommies seemed to be enjoying their time together so much, they would rather not have Jeremy disturb them.

Jeremy has been very diligent with his social media updates over the past week, providing his massive following with a walkthrough of his everyday routine. This Friday, Jeremy was doing his usual updates when he spotted something interesting in the distance — his wife and Tori Roloff bonding with Ember and Jackson. Needless to say, the two Roloff in-laws seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Jeremy jokingly stated that Audrey and Tori seemed to be “babying it up.” Looking at his and brother Zach Roloff’s wives as they walked together, it definitely seems like Audrey and Tori are enjoying their little bonding time. In fact, the two beautiful mommies seemed to be enjoying each other’s company so much, they would rather not get disturbed.

In a follow-up video, Jeremy tried to start a conversation with his wife and sister-in-law. Instead of stopping to speak with him, however, Tori and Audrey simply said “hi” and walked along. Looking at Jeremy’s Instagram clip, it seemed like the two women were conversing about something important, and they preferred not to be disturbed. Jeremy shared his funny reaction to his social media followers.

“Look at you guys, going for a nice little Fall walk. Gonna go check out Pumpkin Season?… Keep walking past me; it’s okay.”

Overall, it is just nice to see Tori and Audrey spending time with each other. The two Roloff in-laws, after all, have pretty different personalities, with some LPBW fans stating that Tori is a lot simpler than Audrey. Despite their differences, Jeremy’s recent video uploads seem to indicate that Auj and Tori get along just fine.

In a more recent video, Jeremy also shared Ember Jean’s first ride in a mule. The clip showed Jeremy, Audrey, and Ember sitting in a tractor just as the machine started moving. The next clips in Jer’s Instagram Story show the young family enjoying the fun ride.

“Big news. Ember Jean’s first time in a mule. Her first two feet on a mule.”

What do you think about Tori and Audrey’s bonding session? Do the two Roloff in-laws really enjoy each other’s company? What do you think about Ember’s first mule ride? Sound off in the comments below.

Little People, Big World is currently filming its newest season and is expected to return on TLC later this year.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]