Kailyn Lowry Dishes On Why It Took So Long To Name Son Lux Russell

Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 gave birth to her son Lux Russell at the beginning of August, but she didn’t reveal his name to the public until just a few days ago. Fans speculated that the mom of three had some kind of brand deal to reveal his name (she did use a blanket she was given with his name plastered on it with a discount for her fans) or was trying to tease the tabloids for attention.

However, Kail recently took to The Ashley to reveal the real reason why she took so long to announce Lux’s name.

“It took me so long to name the baby because I was trying to work with Chris to agree on the name. But we just couldn’t agree. Until we ended things [between us] for good and I decided I would just pick something I loved and he agreed to the first name [we picked] prior to me deciding it would be the name for sure.”

Prior to announcing Lux’s names, several hoaxes appeared stating that his name was a combination of different names she had previously considered. The confused new mom even created a Twitter poll at one point to try and get help from her fans.


At one point, Kail even stated that she and her friend Bone Estrada went to the hospital to register Lux’s name with several names they were considering in a brown bag and the staff helped them pick the perfect name.

But according to Kailyn Lowry, after Chris dragged his feet for too long, she had to make a decision by herself to name Lux. She knew that the state of Delaware required parents to name their child within 90 days of his or her birth, and since she was cutting it close, she decided to pull the trigger and give him the name Lux Russell.

Although she didn’t elaborate on why she chose the name Lux as a first name, she did say his middle name is after rapper Russell Vitale. Her other children are also named after musicians, with Isaac after Isaac Hanson and Lincoln’s middle name, Marshall, after Marshall Mathers (also known as Eminem).

Before Kailyn Lowry settled on the name Lux, she was considering the name Christian, but in the end she thought Lux was good because it was different enough without being “totally off-the-wall.”

Currently Kail and Lux’s dad, Chris Lopez, are not together. It is speculated that she is seeing her friend DJ, though the rumor has not been confirmed.


[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]