Tiny Harris: Divorcing T.I. Impossible, Why She Reconciled With Rapper After Bernice Burgos Romance

Tiny Harris says that it’s quite impossible for her and T.I. to quit each other for good.

The singer sat down for an intimate interview with HOT97 earlier this week, making it known that her relationship is gradually getting better, but as far as her status with T.I. is concerned, they are definitely back together.

Fans will recall how Tiny Harris had filed divorce papers back in December, insinuating that the rapper had cheated on her and she was over the infidelity.

During their eight-month split, T.I. was said to have been seeing Instagram model Bernice Burgos, before coming to the realization that his heart can’t stop professing feelings for the woman who wants to divorce him.

Tiny Harris reveals in her interview with HOT97 that the decision to get back with T.I. had to happen because she has never found herself in a position where she completely lost feelings for the man she describes as the love of her life, Hollywood Life shares.

Having admitted to her husband stepping out of their marriage in the past, Tiny Harris says that her relationship with the rap star has gotten to the point where they are all they have — and if they can’t start trusting one another, they continuously break up.


The Xscape hitmaker hints that she plans to be more open when it comes to her romance with T.I., implying that had she not seen a possible chance to save her marriage, she wouldn’t have made the effort to reconcile with him again.

It’s also believed that Tiny Harris made her husband an ultimatum that his cheating had to stop if he wanted to win her back.

While Harris isn’t said to have been all that innocent herself, according to reports, T.I. having an affair with another woman was always well documented in the media, which seemed to only make the situation worse upon Tiny finding out about it.

It’s said that T.I. is living with Tiny Harris in their multi-million dollar mansion in Atlanta. For now, they are on the right path, but it will be interesting to see how long the peace will last this time around.

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