Blac Chyna To Expose Rob Kardashian Secrets Amid Plans To Countersue ‘KUWTK’ Star

Blac Chyna is reportedly planning to countersue her ex-fiance, Rob Kardashian, and from what’s been gathered, she won’t be holding back with some of the things that will be revealed in her court documents.

It’s been said that Chyna is livid over Rob’s decision to sue her for damaging Kylie Jenner’s property, accusing the former stripper of assaulting him, and allegedly strangling him with an iPhone cord.

The incidents took place back in December when Blac Chyna was reported to have left Kardashian following a vicious physical altercation between the two, and since the socialite had fought to make sure she receives a high amount in child custody, Rob is getting his revenge.

But not unless Blac Chyna can have it her way.

Radar Online revealed that the 29-year-old knows all of the Kardashian secrets, including those from Rob’s sisters.

She’s trying to interlink them with her lawsuit in the hopes that her countersuit stands a chance of winning the case that Rob initially filed against her.

A source claims that once Blac Chyna has countersued him, it’s most likely that Rob will back out from the filing because he doesn’t want his ex-fiancee to expose some of his family’s biggest secrets.

But that’s not all. Chyna supposedly thinks that on top of the $10 million she is allegedly seeking from Kardashian for her revenge porn court case, she believes there’s more money to be made with this new lawsuit she plans to file.

Radar Online explained that Blac Chyna will never be able to overlook the fact that her former partner had leaked explicit photos of her on the internet without her consent, simply to get some sort of revenge on her for calling off their relationship.


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She wants Rob to get a taste of his own medicine, and winning a $10 million lawsuit may not be enough for Blac Chyna, who Rob’s sisters had warned about staying away from.

The USC graduate has remained under the radar, with insiders saying that he’s strictly focused on being a better parent. He wants nothing to do with Blac Chyna unless it’s concerning the well-being of his child.

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