Melania Trump-Inspired Halloween Costume Gives Social Media A Field Day

It shouldn’t surprise the masses that the Halloween costume offerings are plentiful when it comes to politics this year. Costumes are already available so you can bring out that inner Melania Trump-look that you have harbored all year. You can also take a poke at Donald Trump by dressing up with some bizarre offerings sold to imitate him online today.

Hillary Clinton might be yesterday’s news in politics, but she’s not when it comes to a costume. Even Michelle Obama is among the mentioned political figures that the folks on social media are suggesting imitating for Halloween attire.

The recent appearance of the “Model Wife Costume” appears to be “loosely inspired” by Melania Trump’s inaugural day ensemble, suggests Teen Vogue. It appears that there was enough inspiration surrounding this “Model Wife” getup from Yandy for folks to jump online and offer their critiques about a costume they believe is used for imitating Melania Trump.

As with anything else when it comes to the Trump name, there are two sides of this critiquing going on. Some folks have commented on her beauty, while others are, well, not so kind. As you can see below, one social media user feels “this Melania Trump costume is NOT OKAY,” which is a sentiment that’s echoed by many social media users on the various sites.

Others saw this rather skimpy blue suit as nothing more than a Halloween costume and stayed neutral to the political cause that seems to run through the comments on this costume.

One Facebook user asked, “Why is it not ok (the costume) but a sexy nurse is?”

Still, others expressed their opinions of how they wished Halloween would go back to the days when the ghouls, goblins, witches, and monsters were what Halloween costumes were all about.

According to the Daily Mail, you can dress up similar to Melania Trump as she did for her husband’s inaugural day. The outfit that Melania wore, which evoked thoughts of Jackie Kennedy, seems to be the one that Yandy picked for a Halloween costume. It doesn’t matter what they are calling it, as it’s caught the eye of folks across the social media sites today. Some social media users were quick to mention this isn’t an ensemble for everyone and that you would probably need to be in decent shape to be comfortable wearing such a skimpy outfit.

While Yandy does not advertise this outfit as a Melania Trump costume, if they had her inaugural outfit in mind, they’ve taken some liberties with it. As Teen Vogue suggests, “they’ve given it a provocative spin.” This $70 costume leaves little to the imagination, with a lot of skin showing. As Teen Vogue reports, this isn’t the first time Yandy’s been “under fire for their Halloween costumes. The “Pregnant Kylie Jenner” and “Fake News” costumes created outrage online.

Some social media users are furious that this costume would even have a thought of the first lady behind it. Then there are those who took their political fury out by using this costume to bash Donald Trump. When one social media user suggested this costume was “objectifying females” and this opened a door.

One of the responses states, “Objectifying females, she’s married to Trump who rates women like cattle and thinks nothing of objectifying her on Howard Stern.”

Not to mention suggestions of “the left” have popped up a few times online pertaining to this costume. It seems that a few Halloween costume conspiracy theorists believe it may possibly be the “left” that’s behind the buzz going on about this costume.

A quick Google search offers up the bizarre, weird, and creepy offerings online for Halloween costumes and masks that are made to imitate Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and many others in politics today. In comparison, the masks and outfits created to evoke the image of Melania Trump are actually quite flattering in many of the cases, suggests a few social media users.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]