Keyshia Cole Talks Custody Battle With Ex-Husband And Brooke Valentine On ‘The Real’

Daniel “Booby” Gibson recently addressed the Jasmine Brand’s claim that his and Keyshia Cole’s divorce proceedings have taken a nasty turn. According to the gossip blog, Daniel has filed for full custody of their son, as well as spousal support.

Gibson appeared to set the record straight on Thursday in a lengthy Instagram rant, which basically stated that the rumor was baseless. Following Gibson’s post, fans of the former couple expressed their relief over the fact that the rumors weren’t true. Many commentators felt that this was just another example of why some gossip blogs can’t be trusted. In this case, they may be wrong.

Keyshia Cole co-hosted The Real on Friday, and naturally, Loni Love asked her about the rumor, which sullied the image of the cordial relationship that she and Bobby put forth on Love and Hip Hop. Keyshia Cole heavily alluded that there might be some truth to that rumor, though she didn’t harp on it for too long.

After describing their current custody arrangement, which includes alternating weeks and sharing a nanny, Adrienne Bailon asked the R&B singer if that’s how she wanted things to stay. Keyshia Cole agreed that that is indeed the arrangement she prefers and wishes Daniel’s lawyers understood that.

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The singer’s comments seem to suggest that Daniel’s Lawyer might be behind the push for him to get full custody of their child, which may not be any consolation for Keyshia.

Afterward, the conversation shifted to Daniel’s relationship with their LHHH cast member, Brooke Valentine. Throughout the most recent season of LHHH, Daniel and Brooke seemed to dance on the line between being friends and lovers, though they claimed that they were just friends, and many of the fans on the show have been wondering just what is up with their relationship.

When Loni asked Keyshia if she bought that they were just friends, she replied, bluntly, “I would prefer not to be sold anything. I’m not looking to buy.”

“Unless it’s like involving my kid, you know, my son, and we should meet or we should go to lunch, all three of us,” she added.

You can catch Keyshia Cole’s comments below.

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