‘Days Of Our Lives’ Recap: Nicole Runs To Eric, Kiss Upsets Rafe, Chabby Passion, Is Will Alive? [Spoilers]

The Days of Our Lives episode for Friday, October 6 had enough drama and revealed truths to have many fans looking forward to next week’s episodes.

Plagued by Ben Weston’s claim that Will could be alive, many of our favorite Salemnites are restless and searching for the truth. The most prominent of these is Sonny, who just last week was ready to spend the rest of his days with his fiance Paul.

Days of Our Lives viewers were shocked when Ben first walked into the ceremony with his declaration. Sonny called off the wedding, stating that he could not get married until he laid all of his doubts about Will to rest. Since Lucas has refused to have Will’s body exhumed, Sonny has turned to Will’s Grandma Marlena.

On today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Marlena agrees to speak to Ben in the interrogation room. Ben attempts to scare Marlena off, however, when she doesn’t back down, she is rewarded with a couple of pieces to the puzzle. Marlena learns that Ben had a visitor while at Bayview who told him Will was still alive. After a little digging, it is revealed that Ben’s father, Clyde, was the visitor in question. It appears that Days viewers will see more of Ben Weston before we get a definitive answer to whether Will Horton lives on.

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On the other side of Salem, Chad and Abby are back at the DiMera mansion reveling in the fact that they were able to complete their ceremony. Although they did get married, the couple will not be heading out on their honeymoon quite yet. Chad and Abigail both agree that, with everything happening, they should stay around to support their friends.

Regardless of whether the newlyweds head out on vacation or stay at home, it is still their wedding night. Passion ignites on today’s episode of Days of Our Lives when the couple heads upstairs to their candlelit love nest.

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Eli and Gabi have been dating on and off throughout the love triangle between Chad, Abby, and Gabi. Since the romance between Gabi and Chad ended, Eli has made a point to be there in support of his potential love interest. He has stepped in to offer Gabi a date to the wedding and has been teaching her how to defend herself.


Days of Our Lives viewers witnessed a spark kindling between the pair over the past couple of days, which erupted in a shared kiss. As Rafe is cutting through the square, he happens upon them, abruptly ending the romantic moment. Rafe confronts Eli, accusing him of taking advantage of his sister. Gabi stands up to Rafe on behalf of Eli, who later walks her home.

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Nicole has been in the dark about Eric’s feelings for her, as well as the fact that Brady has known for quite some time. Chloe changes all of that today on Days of Our Lives. Feeling bad for keeping secrets, Chloe decides it is time to clue Nicole into the reason Eric left Salem. Nicole is confused by this information and finds it hard to believe that Brady has known the whole time without saying anything. It is then that Chloe reveals to Nicole that Eric left town rather than fire Nicole from her job at the Horton Center as Brady demanded.

Friday’s October 6 episode of Days of Our Lives ends with a wet Nicole showing up at Eric’s door in the middle of a brewing storm. Perhaps it is more than a storm brewing for our favorite Days characters.

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