Donald Trump Defends Melania: Says Wife Took ‘Tremendous Abuse’ But Women Love Melania’s Stilettos [Video]

President Donald Trump opened up about how criticisms of first lady Melania Trump’s fashion choices were like “tremendous abuse.” As seen in the below video, President Trump spoke with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee about the controversy that erupted when Melania was photographed wearing high heels en route to a storm region. Huckabee had opened the portion of the conversation by noting how popular Melania has become. Trump agreed on Melania’s popularity, but also noted that his wife had a good life before he decided to run for president. Trump explained that Melania didn’t need to be adored by the public.

Trump called Melania a very private person who also likes to help people. The president didn’t admit feeling any jealousy or envy over Melania’s popularity, as Huckabee inferred when discussing the high approval ratings that Melania enjoys. According to Business Insider, Melania received flak in August for being photographed wearing high heels as she left the White House after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas and other regions.

“She doesn’t need to be adored by people, but she does like to help people. And she sees how important it is. And she’s taken tremendous abuse.”

President Trump noted that Melania changed into sneakers before landing for that trip and put on a pair of Timberland work boots when in Puerto Rico, as reported by the Inquisitr.

President Trump told Huckabee that Melania likes to look nice when she leaves the most famous house in the country “out of respect for the White House,” therefore she “wants to look good leaving the front entrance.” As a result of loving to look nice, Melania takes the time to dress up and put on “formal shoes,” as Trump called Melania’s high heels. But Trump also called it “tremendous abuse” that Melania endured, all because of her love of high heels.

Not everyone hates Melania’s high heels, according to Trump. He said that while making a speech recently, women came complete with signs that showed their support of her high heels by holding up signs that read “we love your stilettos.” Trump also called his wife a good person. Those who want to watch President Trump’s interview will be able to view it on the show, Huckabee, on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Melania Trump defended by Trump for heels.
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