Melania Trump Wears Fitted High-Waist Red Skirt With Frilly Edge, Thin Cream Shirt For Hispanic Heritage Month

First Lady Melania Trump wore a hypnotizing cream shirt to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month during an event held in the East Room of the White House on Friday, October 6. While President Donald Trump practiced saying Puerto Rico with a Spanish accent three times, as reported by the Inquisitr, Melania laughed along with the crowd at her husband’s antics. Melania coupled the mesmerizing shirt – which can be seen close-up in the above photo that captured the swirls and design patterns of the solid shirt via a unique photography phenomenon – with a high-waisted and fitted red skirt.

At first blush, it appeared to be the high-waisted leather reddish-orange skirt that Melania had worn in the past. However, upon closer inspection, as seen in the below photo, the skirt that Melania wore on Friday came complete with a shorter hem that had a noticeable decorative frilly and flirty kind of wave design. As seen in photos from May, Melania donned a similar outfit that was very close in color to the ensemble that she wore on Friday, with the difference being that the high-waisted skirt from May was a pencil skirt without the frill on the hem.

Melania Trump wear red skirt in the White House.
[Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

The cream top that Melania wore back in May also had ties on the backs of the sleeves, whereas photos from Friday don’t appear to show ties on the sleeves of the shirt. Besides Melania’s red skirt making fashion news, so did Fredy Burgos’ red hat, as seen in the below photo. Burgos also attended the event at the White House.

Hailing from Virginia, Fredy is all posed to be turned into a popular Internet meme with his red “Build The Wall” hat seen on his head for the Hispanic Hertitage Month event and as the photo begins to go viral. Donald Trump’s official shop doesn’t appear to carry a “Build The Wall” hat as of this writing, so Fredy may have purchased his red hat elsewhere.

Man wears "Build the Wall" hat at the White House.
[Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, the latest reactions to Melania’s fashion choices can be read from sample tweets like those below. Whereas some people criticize Melania’s fashion choices, others are commenting about how much they love the way Melania dresses.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]