Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife In A Lot Of Pain: Scale Of 1-10, Beth Chapman At ‘9’

Beth Chapman is fighting stage II throat cancer, and despite her determination to beat this disease, Dog the Bounty Hunter reports she is suffering a great deal of pain. During a recent podcast of Dog & Beth Looking for Trouble, the famous bounty hunter was asked how both he and Beth were doing. Dog (aka Duane Chapman) was very honest and straightforward with his answer.

The bounty hunter told the audience member who called in that he is fine, but Beth is trying really hard to get to a level where she too can be feeling fine once again. He said his wife is “trying to stay strong despite being in a lot of pain.”

He also told the caller, “On a 1 to 10 [scale] her pain is about a 9 so… she’s not good.”

Beth became very health-minded in the months leading up to this cancer diagnosis. She exercised regularly, took long walks, and participated in strength and cardio training. All her efforts to stay healthy showed, she had lost a lot of weight in recent years, and she appeared the picture of health, which made the diagnosis “even more shocking for the couple,” reports Page Six.

Beth had taken such good care of her health before she was diagnosed with throat cancer that the doctor claimed she was the healthiest 49-year-old woman he’s seen. Dog the Bounty Hunter told his podcast audience that with Beth contracting throat cancer, this goes to show that “this stuff can attack the healthiest” of people.

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Dog, 64, sang praises for his wife’s courage through all of this by telling the audience that Beth “is determined not to let the disease win.” As of right now, Beth is bedridden, and it is hard for her to move because she is in a lot of back pain, Dog shared.

He also said, “You just gotta keep going.”

According to Fox News, Beth and Dog stepped out for the evening in Los Angeles at Craig’s last week. This public appearance was on the heels of her surgery that followed Beth’s reveal that she was diagnosed with throat cancer at the beginning of September. That surgery entailed 12 hours on the operating table as surgeons removed the tumor in her throat.

Us Weekly reports that Beth had developed a “nagging cough” prior to the diagnosis of stage II throat cancer. In a letter published online that she wrote to friends, Beth couldn’t say enough about her “incredible” supportive family members who are “counting on me to be there for years to come.”

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In Touch reports that Beth had worked really hard at shedding some major pounds through 2017 and the results were astonishing. Above is a picture of Beth from a few years back. That photo is followed by pictures below from Beth’s Instagram page following her weight loss.

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