Eric Church Debuts His New Emotional Song About Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Victims

Eric Church just debuted a new song that he wrote for the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest victims. Whiskey Riff shared a video of Church’s new song and all about his first time to performing it. Eric actually headlined at the Las Vegas event on Friday night. Eric was at the Grand Ole Opry on Wednesday night for a very emotional performance. His new song Why Not Me is for the victims.

In the eight-minute video from the Opry, Eric talks about performing this past Friday. He was the headliner for that night’s show. Church said that he looked at the crowd and this was his last show of the year. He said people were holding up American flags, records and boots when he played songs that had to do with those things. This really moved him because he knew that this was his crowd and the same people he had been seeing all year long. During his song Springsteen, he jumped out on the ground near the crowd and shook hands with anyone that he could.

Eric Church got very emotional talking about how it was “my people” and “my fans” that were injured and killed during this Las Vegas massacre. He said that he didn’t want to be here tonight or perform, but he saw a video last night of a woman named Heather Melton talking to Anderson Cooper on CNN. She shared that her husband Sonny died and they went there to see Eric Church because that was “his guy.” He explained that he came to the Grand Ole Opry to perform tonight for these fans.

He went on to explain that the only way he has ever fixed what is broken in him is by music. That is why Eric wrote the song Why Not Me. He then performed this song in memory of everyone that lost their life in Las Vegas at Route 91 Harvest.

What do you think of Eric Church’s new song Why Not Me? Do you feel like more country stars will be following and writing songs about what happened at Route 91 Harvest? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]