’90 Day Fiancé’ Mohamed Jbali Moves To Texas; Is It To Escape Ex Danielle Mullins’ Lawsuit?

Mohamed Jbali of 90 Day Fiance is no stranger to drama, and the reality TV star may be moving to Texas in order to escape some of the craziness with his ex-wife, Danielle Mullins. Danielle, who was married to Mohamed for a short while, has decided to sue her former paramour for $12,500 to cover all of the fees she paid to get him to the United States and secure him a green card. However, his move to Texas may be motivated by the fact that his wages cannot be garnished in order for Danielle to get the full amount of money the court may order him to pay her if she wins the case.

Mohamed Jbali will be making the big move from Florida to Texas in the next couple of months. Some fans, however, have warned him that he may not like the state because it isn’t as liberal as Florida, where he currently resides. They have told him that people in Texas may not like him because he is an immigrant and is Muslim, but Mohamed’s comments show that he is attempting to remain optimistic despite any discouragement that fans’ comments have given him.

Danielle Mullins has not commented on her ex’s move, but she has recently been focusing on her own career moves. The reality TV star recently signed a deal with Mama June’s management company in order to give her a series of her own similar to From Not to Hot. However, she and the woman who own the company severed ties after she was called “unstable.”


For Mohamed Jbali, getting away from his ex’s threats of lawsuits and court is becoming rather expensive. He recently wrote on his Instagram that he was floored that a moving van from Florida to his new home would cost him a cool $1500.

According to Mohamed Jbali, everything in the United States is expensive, and he’s looking to his followers to help him find a way to cross state lines without renting a truck that will set him back $1500.

Thus far, he has not divulged what city in Texas he plans to settle down in.

[Featured Image by Danielle Mullins Jbali/Facebook]