‘Sex And The City’s’ Harry Says Third ‘SATC’ Movie Was A Go, Kim Cattrall Says It’s Time To Move On

Sex and the City star Evan Handler is the latest show alum to weigh in on the scrapped status of the Emmy-winning TV show’s long-awaited third movie sequel. Handler, who played Charlotte York’s husband, Harry Goldenblatt, on the HBO hit, posted a Facebook message to Sex and the City fans, confirming that he was contacted several months ago and told the third movie was a definite go. Plans for the movie have now been shut down with series star Kim Cattrall saying she never negotiated a contract for a third film.

“I was suddenly contacted, just two or three months ago, and told that a third movie was definitely happening,” Handler wrote. “I was astonished but delighted. Then, less than three weeks later, that ‘they are pulling the plug,’ and it was not to be. Suddenly the story seems to be everywhere. You can reach your own conclusions.”

Handler went on to call out Piers Morgan, who recently interviewed Cattrall about the subject. Evan Handler has had his own issues with Morgan and he warned fans to “be cautious about buying into whatever’s being sold on his show.”

While most of the lead Sex and the City stars have all expressed disappointment that a third movie won’t be made, Cattrall thinks it’s time to move on. Kim posted a comment on Twitter in which she explained that she has played Sex and the City character Samantha Jones for 20 years now. Cattrall added that she is moving on and she suggested that fans should too. Kim also plugged her Netflix show, Sensitive Skin as suggested viewing for who are still pining for missing Samantha Jones.

Kim Cattrall has faced a lot of backlash over the now-defunct Sex and the City 3 movie. Even some of her co-stars threw not-so-subtle shade at her. After Cattrell told Morgan that the drama with her former Sex and the City co-stars was “toxic,” Willie Garson, who played Stanford Blatch on the show, posted his own tweet, which made it seem as though Cattrall did negotiate a contract for six months and then changed her tune and claimed she never wanted to do it.

“Dear fans, because I’m ‘toxic’, I’m going to negotiate a contract for 6 months, not come to terms, and then say I never wanted to do it anyway,” Willie Garson tweeted.

Sex and the City star Evan Handler talks about canceled movie
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Kim Cattrall has long denied that she ever wanted to do a third Sex and the City film. At age 61, Kim is nearly 10 years older than her Sex and the City co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon, and according to the Daily Mail, she told Morgan she feels she has lost her common ground with them. Catrall even suggested that Sex and the City go on without her, possibly with “an African-American Samantha Jones or a Hispanic Samantha Jones” and she retweeted Perez Hilton’s tweet that producers should just make a third movie and kill Samantha Jones off.

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