Florida Man Busted After Bizarre Hurricane Irma 3-Way Sex Romp Ends In Gory Slaying, Body Stuffed In Closet

A Florida man, 30-year-old Travis Watson, was busted last week after police said they connected him to a badly decomposed body stuffed into a closet in a Hollywood, Florida, apartment — a body that investigators say Watson and another man put there after a bizarre, three-way sex orgy that suddenly descended into violence, torture and murder, all as Hurricane Irma pounded the city, according to a report by WTVJ TV News in Miami.

The decomposed body discovered on September 13 was identified as Ariel Fleitas Gonzalez, 50, the tenant of the apartment where he was found in a closet with “some body parts wrapped in plastic and swathed in a comforter, with only a small portion of the head visible,” according to a report filed by Hollywood Police Detective Desiree McClintock, quoted in a report by WPLG News in Miami.

Police were alerted to the body when a friend of Gonzalez’s went to the apart after failing to hear from him for three days. When the friend arrived at the apartment, she was overcome by a noxious odor. When police entered the premises, they found the bedroom splattered with blood and feces, and what they described as bloody “drag marks” leading to a closet which had been blocked off with chairs, the WPLG report recounted.

Florida Man Busted After Bizarre Hurricane Irma 3-Way Sex Romp Ends In Gory Slaying, Body Stuffed In Closet

The third man allegedly involved in the impromptu three-way sexual encounter, Jacob Mitchell, is still at large. Police say that Watson has named Mitchell as the killer of Gonzalez. The slaying happened when Mitchell became enraged in a fit of jealousy and struck Gonzalez with a broomstick and a clothes hanger, then tortured Gonzalez by pouring hot grease on the victim’s head, according to a Miami Herald report.

Mitchell, who refers to Watson as his “husband” according to police documents cited by the Herald, is described as a white Hispanic male standing about five-feet-seven-inches and who regularly dresses in women’s clothing. He wears a long blonde wig concealing a bald head.

According to the account given by Watson, who claims he tried to stop the murder, the encounter began as Hurricane Irma approached the Florida mainland on September 10 and Gonzalez invited Watson, who is homeless, and Mitchell into his apartment to wait out the storm, according to a WFOR TV report.

Once inside, Gonzalez initiated sex with the two men, according to the account. But after both men engaged in oral sex with Gonzalez, Mitchell suddenly became intensely jealous when Gonzalez and Watson engaged in anal sex, the Herald reported. But Watson — who got out of prison just three months earlier after serving 13 years on burglary and grand theft convictions — also admitted punching Gonzalez in the face and demanding money.

Watch the following WFOR TV video news report for further details on the bizarre and gruesome sex-and-murder incident.

According to police reports, witnesses reported seeing Watson and Mitchell leaving the apartment in the middle of Hurricane Irma.

Watson claimed that he attempted to stop Mitchell from killing Gonzalez, telling him, “Stop, stop, you are going to kill the man, you’re trippin’.”

But Mitchell refused, telling Mitchell, “I know what I’m doing, I got this,” according to the account Watson gave to detectives. Watson also said that when he saw Gonzalez turn purple with his tongue hanging out, he attempted to take the man’s pulse. But no pulse was present, he said.

Watson made his first appearance in court on Wednesday. He is charged with robbery, kidnapping, and failure to report a death. He is being held on $100,000 bond as police continue to search for Mitchell.

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