Bethenny Frankel Says It’s Embarrassing That Rich People Aren’t Stepping Up To Help Puerto Rico

Bethenny Frankel has been working hard to get supplies to Puerto Rico in order to save lives. The Real Housewives of New York star was shocked at the damage that Hurricane Maria did to the island, and she realized that people were in desperate need of supplies. Over the past couple of weeks, Bethenny has been recruiting people, supplies, and donations to help people in need. She has even used her own funds to help these individuals, including transporting ill people to Miami to get medical attention. Even though she has worked hard to get private planes, she’s shocked that the richest people in America won’t donate money to help her help the people of Puerto Rico.

On Twitter this morning, she revealed that she was in desperate need of oxygen for people, who were dying. She asked for a million dollars, which may seem like a lot of money. But for people who have millions in the bank, it may be a small favor. According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that it is embarrassing that the richest people in the country won’t help out and save a nation.

“Now our issue is an embarrassment of riches. We have MILLIONS of lbs in relief nationwide. We need more cargo planes and boats. #PR911,” Frankel revealed on social media, asking for a big request in another tweet, writing, “This is a big ask but we desperately need 1 million for portable Oxygen concentrators #THISISACRISIS #BStrong.”

If people are concerned as to where their money is going, then all they need to do is follow Bethenny Frankel on social media. Yesterday, she posted an update about a story, where the funds donated by her generous fans was enough to bring a 3-year-old boy to Miami for medical assistance. The boy is on a ventilator and his mother’s generator was running on fuel — something the family was running out of. Bethenny was able to get the boy on a plane and flew him to Miami. But this is just example of many where people are in dire need. She has been very good at keeping fans updated on social media, and people have been trying to connect those willing to donate money with Frankel. One can hope that other millionaires will step up and offer funds to save people in need, especially because the supplies are ready to go.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel’s comments about her Puerto Rico dilemma? Do you think she’s right that it is embarrassing that people aren’t donating more money, especially people who have millions in the bank account?

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]