Kallie Beig, Stephen Paddock’s Hairstylist: He Smelled Drunk Again In Morning, Got Marilou’s Trip 2 Months Ago

Kallie Beig, a woman who once was a hairstylist for Stephen Paddock, shed new light on Paddock’s state of mind prior to the mass shootings in Las Vegas. As seen in the CNN video below, Kallie spoke about what Paddock told her regarding Marilou Danley’s then-upcoming trip and more.

Beig works at Great Clips in Mesquite, which is Paddock’s hometown. As such, Kallie had a particular insight into Stephen and Marilou, as the couple would come to her place of work. Kallie said that during the past three years, she cut Paddock’s hair a minimum of three times — but each of those times he sat in her chair in the early morning hours, he smelled strongly of alcohol. Paddock explained to Kallie that he had spent the previous nights gambling.

The information that Beig divulged about Paddock’s last visit to her salon is what is noteworthy in the criminal investigation. Stephen told Kallie that he would be sending Marilou Danley away to the Philippines, leaving Paddock by himself.

“The last time I saw him was probably only about two months ago… he came in and got his hair cut, and again, smelled of alcohol, and his girlfriend was with him… doing her own thing, and he was telling me about her leaving to go to the Philippines. He was going to be home alone hanging out for a while by himself but it wasn’t anything weird, it wasn’t anything that seemed off.”

Kallie didn’t talk to Marilou about the seemingly innocent trip, but Danley told investigators that Paddock told Marilou only two weeks ago or more — not two months ago — that he had found a cheap ticket for Marilou to visit the Philippines so that she could see her family.

The CNN video notes that Beig spoke with CNN’s Kyung Lah about seeing Paddock two months before he opened fire on people at a country music festival, killing 58 people and himself.

According to WXII News, Marilou was excited at the prospect of going home to see family and alleges that Marilou had no idea what Paddock was planning. Marilou’s sisters have alleged that Stephen likely sent Marilou away so that he could have time to plan his crime. Danley said she believed Paddock sent her away because he was breaking up with Marilou. Beig, meanwhile, saw a distant and cold type of union between Paddock and Danley — a relationship devoid of any type of public displays of affection.

Stephen Paddock's home. [Image by Jonathan Cooper/AP Images]

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