‘Little People, Big World’ Stars Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Talk About Raising Ember Jean: ‘Trust Your Gut’

Little People, Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have opened up about what it means to parent their new baby, Ember Jean. And as every parent can tell you, they’re finding that the job isn’t easy.

Speaking to Us Magazine, the couple revealed that they’ve sometimes been overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that come with having a baby and managing their lives outside of the baby’s needs.

“Just balancing life while being a mom, like work and marriage and other family members and friendships and all of that, just trying to find a rhythm.”

Audrey, for her part, has a full plate, work-wise, outside of being a mom to her new baby. As In Touch Weekly reported in August, she’s got a couple of side businesses going on besides her LPBW filming schedule. Her clothing line, Always More, is aimed at Christian women and their babies. She and Jeremy together also manage their marriage advice brand, Beating 50, which consists of instructional materials aimed at helping married couples beat the 50 percent odds of getting divorced.

Jeremy, meanwhile, has a side gig as a wedding photographer/videographer, in addition to his LPBW job and his marriage-advice brand, according to a June In Touch Weekly report.

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Another issue the couple is facing is how they’re going to discipline Ember. Obviously as a newborn, Ember doesn’t need much in the way of “discipline.” But in the years ahead, the issue is sure to come up, and unfortunately for Jeremy and Audrey, they both bring their own upbringing to the table.

Audrey was brought up in a “strict” household, although it’s not clear how strict. Clearly she doesn’t adhere to the clothing rules that govern another reality TV family, the Duggars. And since a solid three years passed between her wedding date and the birth of her daughter, she obviously doesn’t hold to the strict views on procreation that the Duggars hold. Jeremy, by comparison, wasn’t exactly feral growing up, but he had quite a bit more freedom than Audrey had.

He’s concerned that the discipline issue may cause friction as Ember Jean gets older.

“There are so many different ways to parent and raise a baby and all that, but ultimately just kind of trusting your gut I guess and doing what you think is best.”

They also have friends and loved ones to rely on for advice. But ultimately, as Jeremy says, there’s not much you can do with regard to parenting except giving it your best shot and trusting your instincts.

“I don’t think you can be prepared. Similarly to marriage, you just do it and it happens and then you kind of catch up to it.”

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