Amy Roloff Says ‘Jackson And Ember Top The List’ Of Things She’s Thankful For In Photos Causing ‘Controversy’

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff recently said that grandbabies “Jackson and Ember top the list” of things she’s thankful for in new social media photos that CafeMom says are causing “controversy” among fans. Amy’s social media followers have been asking for photos of her newest grandbaby, Ember Jean, for over the last three weeks. Ember is now almost 4-weeks-old, and Amy finally shared photos of her second grandbaby, along with a new photo of her first grandbaby, Jackson Kyle, but her followers are apparently still finding “issues” with Amy Roloff’s new “thankful” post for the “dumbest reason,” according to CafeMom.

On Thursday, the 53-year-old proud Little People, Big World grandma, Amy Roloff, took to one of her Facebook accounts to write a lengthy post on the fall season and the things she’s thankful for. The post was accompanied by three new photos of the two Roloff grandbabies, Jackson Kyle and Ember Jean, with the hashtag #mygrandkids. However, even though Amy’s followers have been anxiously waiting for a grandma and granddaughter photo, CafeMom noted on Thursday that Amy’s first public photos with Ember Jean have become controversial and that fans on social media need to “make up their minds” about the Little People, Big World matriarch.

The Roloff family’s TLC reality TV series has been on the air since 2006 and has built up a large fan base. Members of the Roloff family have also built up a large following on social media, thanks to Little People, Big World. Amy Roloff has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook who have been asking why she hasn’t posted photos of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s firstborn, Ember Jean. Now that Amy finally has shared two new photos of baby Ember, some of her followers still have an “issue,” according to CafeMom in an article that says followers are being critical of one of Amy’s photos because it makes it “hard to see” baby Ember, but they “get a full view” of Amy.

However, Amy Roloff shared a second photo of baby Ember that shows a full view of her “very cute” face.

A previous article on CafeMom shared that Amy Roloff had been called out by her Facebook followers for not sharing photos and “gushing over” baby Ember the way that she did baby Jackson after his birth back in May. However, even Jeremy and Audrey Roloff only recently started sharing more photos of their first child on social media for unknown reasons. Some Little People, Big World fans have speculated that a magazine contract prevented the newlywed couple from sharing baby Ember’s first photos until now. Even proud grandpa Matt Roloff, 55, had to wait until this week to share his first photo of his second grandbaby. Both Matt and Amy Roloff previously told their followers that they couldn’t wait to be able to show off a “picture or two” of baby Ember “soon.”

Amy Roloff’s “thankful” post from Thursday has mainly been met with positive feedback from her Facebook followers and Little People, Big World fans worldwide who say that Amy’s smile in the photos is “full of love” for both baby Jackson and baby Ember. CafeMom points out other “shaming” comments that say they can’t see Ember’s face, only a profile view, and several other comments point out that baby Jackson is missing a sock. Despite “this kind of foolishness,” Amy Roloff, who recently said that she’s “over the moon” to be a grandma for the second time, is sure to share more photos of baby Ember on social media, and CafeMom tells her followers to “leave Amy alone.”

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]