‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers: Did Annalise Keating Take Laurel Castillo’s Baby?

How to Get Away with Murder spoilers are scarce as a new mystery is unveiled in the first two episodes of the ABC drama’s fourth season: What happened to Laurel’s baby?

Warning: Spoilers for the first two episodes and possible details for a major twist in the show ahead.

Those who have been watching the series since Season 1 know that showrunners for the popular series have a tendency to deliver unexpected twists that are introduced early on by means of flash-forward sequences. Season 4 is no different as the show returned with an explosive fast forward to three months after Wes’s death.

In the first two episodes, HTGAWM Season 4 showed how Annalise Keating, played by multiaward-winning actress Viola Davis, appeared to be going on a rehabilitation spree as she let go not only the surviving members of the infamous Keating 5, but also her long-time assistant, Bonnie Winterbottom.

Now, How to Get Away with Murder spoilers from Bustle point out that Annalise might not actually be acting on a sound mind as she may have something to do with why Laurel Castillo is no longer pregnant in just eight months.

According to the outlet, there is a big chance that Annalise took Laurel’s child to call her own after suffering from trauma of the loss of her unborn child due to an accident caused by Frank’s betrayal as well as the death of Wes whom she took on as her “project” to make up for the death of his mother.

“Perhaps Annalise arranged for Laurel’s baby to be snatched from her womb in order to complete the cycle of motherhood that she feels has been taken away from her,” the outlet’s How to Get Away with Murder spoilers stated.

“Laurel has a baby. Laurel doesn’t need a baby. But Annalise does! Annalise literally has nothing in her life right now, and a baby could change that.”

To top that off, Entertainment Weekly had a talk with HTGAWM showrunner Pete Nowalk prior to the Season 4 premiere and found out that the show’s theme may involve a lot of “redemption” and “a lot of parenting,” something that may support Bustle’s How to Get Away with Murder spoilers.

“It’s more character-driven, and it’s energetically quieter, but it all leads up to this final thing. Annalise is definitely on a redemption tour to pick herself up. She’s disgraced. As low as she’s ever been,” Nowalk told the outlet.

On top of that, the second episode for Season 4 was dedicated to developing the possible connection between Annalise and her new therapist, Isaac Roa played by Jimmy Smits, who is also seen in the hospital in the flash-forward where Laurel finds out that her baby is no longer in her tummy.

According to How to Get Away with Murder spoilers from Romper, Isaac’s mere presence in the hospital with Frank and Laurel in the Season 4 premiere already raised a lot of red flags especially since he is just Annalise’s therapist. Or is he?

Episode 2 titled “I’m Not Her” appeared to be dedicated to showcasing a start of a relationship between Annalise and Isaac when the proud lawyer revealed that she and her previous therapist ended up getting married.

Of course, these are mere theories as of the moment based on the first two episodes of Season 4 aired so far so it is best to take it with a significant amount of salt and maybe some lemon tequila on the side as the show is known for its unpredictable twists.

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