48-Year-Old Kentucky Man Finds ‘True Love’ In Thailand, Proposes To 24-Year-Old After Only 10 Days Together

A man from Kentucky and his Thai fiance, to whom he proposed after only 10-days of being together, are set to feature in the upcoming season of the hit TLC show 90 Day Fiance. Forty-eight-year-old David, from Louisville, Kentucky, met Annie, a girl literally half his age, in Bangkok. But the age difference doesn’t seem to bother the couple, who say they are very much in love.

The reality show 90 Day Fiance features couples who are going through the K-1 visa process. A K-1 visa is issued by the United States to fiance of a U.S. citizen so that they may enter the country. Law requires the K-1 visa holder to be married to his or her U.S. citizen petitioner within 90-days of entering the country, hence the name of the TV show.

A video which was shared by TLC and People, shows David explaining how he came to meet Annie, and how he became convinced, despite the age difference of 24 years, that she was his “true love”.

“She is 24-years-old, but the mindset she puts me in or makes me feel is I don’t feel like a 48-year-old. She’s an amazing woman who makes me feel like I already hit the lottery.”

In the video, David says that about three years ago, his life hit a low point. David, who weighed 350 pounds at the time, had just split with his wife of 21 years, and lost his job, house, and cars all at the same time. To add to that, he even suffered a stroke. David recalls feeling absolutely destitute.

“My life was in a place I don’t wish on my worst enemy.”

Fast forward three years, and David seems to have taken back control of his life. He says he hit the reset button on his life, losing a significant amount of weight. Then one day, he packed his bags and headed for Thailand, where he met his true love, Annie, at a karaoke bar.

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After only 10 days of being together, he proposed to Annie, who agreed. David says he still has his three children and five grandchildren to convince that Annie is right for him. Furthermore, he also has to pay a dowry to Annie’s family.

So what does Annie think about David? The clip features an interview with her as well.

“I come from a very, very poor village. I feel very comfortable with him. I mean, yeah, he’s good I think … make me happy.”

David and Annie’s story will be featured in Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance, which premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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