‘Dance Moms’ Star JoJo Siwa Praises Abby Lee Miller Despite ‘Ruthless’ Image To Her Students

JoJo Siwa has nothing but good words to say about her former Dance Moms mentor, Abby Lee Miller. This is despite the fact that many of her fellow students already severed ties with the ALDC owner because of her “ruthless” demands.

Speaking with People, the 14-year-old dancer opened up about her thoughts on Abby and how she taught her invaluable lessons in life. According to JoJo, the former Dance Moms instructor has personally taught her how to “sink or swim,” especially during her performances on stage.

Siwa pointed out that Miller has a way of making her students figure things out, even without saying it directly.

“She never really said this, but you know when she’s saying something without saying it — she teaches you how to sink or swim.”

The “Boomerang” singer, who became widely known for her colorful and big bows, also admitted that she has a lot to thank Abby for, particularly in making her what she is.

This is a far cry from her fellow Dance Moms mentees, who have been very vocal about their dislike to the incarcerated dance coach.

“Honestly, I have a lot to thank her for because truthfully, she helped me out a whole bunch.”

JoJo added that one of the most significant pieces of advice that she received from Abby Lee Miller is to be able to “put your heart out on a platter and be ready for someone to stab it.”


In the same interview, JoJo Siwa also revealed that she has always been close with her fellow Dance Moms dancers.

“We’re all really close and we’ll be forever sisters. We’ll be 80 years old like, ‘Remember when we did that Dance Moms show?'”

The YouTube star admitted that she is particularly close with Maddie Ziegler. Siwa claimed that she and Ziegler talk all the time and that she is just a good friend to her.

When asked about their careers after Dance Moms, JoJo admitted that it felt weird to see the others doing different things, especially since they all started out solely in dancing.

“It’s kind of weird because we all came from Dance Moms and then we all branched out and did our different things.”

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And now that most of her fellow dancers returned to the current season of Dance Moms, JoJo Siwa revealed that she has been keeping up with the Lifetime series.

She also added that she’s particularly excited to see Abby Lee Miller’s replacement on the show, Cheryl Burke, on October 17.

Apparently, Siwa believes that Burke will make a good addition to the show given her credentials in the dance industry.

As for how she felt about leaving Dance Moms, JoJo admitted that it was one of the hardest decisions that she had to make. However, Siwa reiterated that she will continue to show her support for the show and her friends.

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