WWE Rumors: WWE Locker Room Furious With Shane McMahon’s Booking

At WWE Hell in a Cell, Shane McMahon will face Kevin Owens inside the infamous structure with another stipulation making it Falls Count Anywhere. It will be the latest big match for Shane O’Mac since his return to WWE roughly a year-and-a-half ago. Over that time, he’s had big matches with the Undertaker, AJ Styles, and will add Kevin Owens to the list this Sunday. However, not everyone in WWE is happy about that fact.

It’s being reported that some WWE Superstars in the locker room are not pleased with Shane’s booking on WWE television. There is some resentment about the special treatment he receives from WWE officials and Vince McMahon, because he’s given big stunts and moments to make his matches special. However, Shane’s schedule only asks him to wrestle two matches a year, so Shane has the added privilege to rest after a big stunt.

Some people backstage are furious because they feel Shane is “showing them up” with his big stunts, but he also receives time off to heal, unlike most of the full-time wrestlers. A recent report revealed that Shane has become one of the biggest draws for the company when he does wrestle. On paper, that gives WWE officials all the more reason to continue booking Shane as they have been, but the locker room doesn’t appreciate it.

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens Will Battle Inside Hell in a Cell
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Owens vs. McMahon has been one of the hottest feuds following WWE SummerSlam. As their feud comes to ahead at WWE Hell in a Cell this Sunday, their match is expected to deliver on the high expectations and will likely lead to some bigger storylines on WWE television. There has been some speculation about Triple H returning and replacing Shane McMahon as the commissioner of SmackDown Live for the rest of the year.

On paper, the powers that be adding the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation to the match means another big stunt is planned. The last time Shane was featured in a Hell in a Cell match, he jumped off the structure at WrestleMania 32. Since the match with Owens can end anywhere in the arena, it’s very likely that any huge stunt will end the match. The WWE Universe expects a massive stunt from Shane during his matches. The locker room may not like it, but his matches sell and the powers that be try to give the fans what they want.

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