‘Blade Runner 2049’ After-Credits Scene: Is There A Hint Of A Sequel Hidden At The End?

Blade Runner 2049 could likely be getting a sequel, but will there be an after-credits scene to give moviegoers a glimpse of it?

The after-credits scene is quickly becoming something of a standard in action movies — especially in comic book movies like the Marvel series — and often used to give a glimpse of an upcoming movie. With already plenty of talk about a future Blade Runner installment, many moviegoers heading out to see Blade Runner 2049 will want to know if there is indeed a scene after all the credits end.

So, does Blade Runner 2049 have an after-credits scene?

The answer appears to be know. According to Media Stinger, a site that tracks which movies have a scene after the credits have ended, there is no after-credits scene after Blade Runner 2049.

While that may come as a disappointment to fans who were hoping there might be an indication of another installation in the Blade Runner series, Bustle pointed out that there is still hope another movie could be on the way.

As the report noted, director Denis Villeneuve said in an interview that he was happy with the final cut of the movie and that it needed nothing more added. That may not be any indication of what comes afterward, however.

“So, Villeneuve had nothing to add to Blade Runner 2049 after the credits, but what does that mean for a potential sequel? Very little, it turns out. A follow-up film still is a possibility, and while fans of the original 1982 release might have been willing to wait three decades for a sequel, it’s safe to say that new audiences will not.”

Even if there is no after-credits scene to indicate a sequel to Blade Runner 2049, there could be other signs of another movie in the series. The film has earned some strong reviews, including an excellent 92 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes, which has become something of the gold standard for assessing a movie’s strength.

There are also some strong predictions for the opening weekend, with some experts predicting it will approach $50 million. If Blade Runner 2049 can continue that pace, it could make an even stronger case for another movie in the series.

There may be at least one small advantage to having no after-credits scene in Blade Runner 2049. With the movie clocking in at a hefty two hours and 44 minutes, moviegoers who need to stretch their legs or hit the bathroom will get an early jump for the exits.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros.]