Wendy Williams Alleged Divorce: Meets Attorneys After Husband’s ‘Cheating Affair’ Gets Exposed

Wendy Williams has reportedly had several private meetings with attorneys this past week in the midst of her husband’s alleged cheating scandal came to light.

The 53-year-old caused endless headlines last week when Daily Mail claimed that Kevin Hunter, husband and manager of Wendy Williams, had been living a double life in New Jersey.

The news outlet claims that Hunter had been seeing his massage therapist for well over 10 years, having recently purchased a home for her in the amount of $765,000.

The story stunned fans, considering that the majority of Kevin’s money is earned through Wendy Williams’ talk-show, meaning that the former radio personality’s career is helping her husband support a lavish lifestyle with the other woman.

Last week, Wendy Williams denied claims that Kevin had cheated, saying that all is fine in her marriage, but fans clearly didn’t buy her story, considering the amount of photographic evidence that was provided by multiple sources close to the situation.

It also wouldn’t explain why Williams has had several private meetings with attorneys this past week, as revealed by Hollywood Life.

The site fails to mention what the reason for the meetings was, adding that they were top secret — Wendy clearly didn’t want any photographers seeing her at the attorney’s office because it would alarm the press that there’s trouble in paradise.


Reports have been conflicted regarding Williams’ knowledge about her husband’s alleged double life with his mistress.

Some claim that Wendy Williams was well aware of the affair that Hunter was having, while other credible sources say that she was blindsided by the decade-long cheating scandal.

Whatever the case may be, it seems rather interesting that a week after the news broke about Kevin Hunter’s infidelity, Wendy Williams met up with attorneys, which strongly gives off the impression that the outspoken TV host is done with her marriage.

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Wendy has been holding up by putting on a brave face for her talk-show, but behind closed doors, insiders say that she’s devastated and heartbroken. This could be either because of the news about the affair, which she may have known about, got out, or because she’s finally learned the truth about her man.

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