Michelle Duggar Has Fans Concerned Over Her Thinner Look

Michelle Duggar has fans a bit worried about her health, as she looks a bit thinner than she has in the past. In Touch Weekly shared what fans have to say about the way she looks now. The Duggar Official Facebook page recently shared a picture of Michelle with her family hanging out at the demolition derby, and this is when fans started to voice their concerns.

Along with these photos, Michelle shared that the boys loved the demolition derby, but then fans became concerned. It is obvious that Michelle’s face is a bit thinner. People started to comment about how they hope that there isn’t a health issue going on, and people are even saying that they are praying for her.

One reason that Michelle Duggar might look a lot thinner is that she hasn’t had a baby in a while. She has 19 children and has spent a lot of her life pregnant. This means that now that she hasn’t been pregnant in so long that maybe she has been able to lose the weight and keep it off. Michelle does look thinner, but she doesn’t look so tiny that it is obvious that something is wrong with her. For now, she isn’t speaking out about the fans’ concern, but the Duggars are normally quiet about the rumors and just let fans see the updates on them that they want to put out there.

Derick Dillard did lose some weight, and admitted to a few health issues, but he is the only person in the family to reveal that something is going on. He hasn’t given fans an update in a while about his gagging issue, so everyone is hoping that means that he is doing better and isn’t as concerned with it as he used to be.

Are you shocked to hear that fans are concerned over Michelle Duggar presumed weight loss? Do you think that there is anything to worry about? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of Counting On when they air on Monday nights on TLC.

[Featured Image by FOX News Channel/Getty Images]