Titans Did Not Even Consider To Sign Colin Kaepernick As Marcus Mariota's Backup QB

When Marcus Mariota had an injured hamstring, NFL fans saw Colin Kaepernick as the most obvious choice for the Tennessee Titans. Instead, the Titans signed Brandon Weeden as the backup quarterback for Mariota.

Kaepernick and Mariota have similar skillset and many saw Colin as the best fit to run the Titans offense, except the Titans themselves. Titans coach Mike Mularkey revealed that the team did not even look into the possibility of signing Kaepernick, which would have the 29-year-old's chance to return to the league.

"I'm not aware if there was [any interest to sign Kaepernick]," Mularkey told ESPN.

Mularkey added that Colin is not familiar with the Titans' offense, and the team wants someone they could get up to speed in just a little span of time. In addition, ESPN said it is the team's front office who decides who to bring in for workouts. Four quarterbacks worked out for the Titans before the club decided to go with Weeden, who they deemed to be the most familiar with their offense. Weeden "threw the ball well" on Wednesday, according to Mularkey. The other three players they considered were T.J. Yates, Matt Barkley, and Matt McGloin.

Kaepernick supporters were furious that the Titans did not opt for him. They believe that Colin, who led a team to Super Bowl in 2013, will fit well into the system of the Titans as an effective runner and thrower in the offense. Titans' wide receiver Rishard Matthews believes that his former college teammate is "ready to go." However, several Titans players believe that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is being blackballed because of his protests against social injustice.

The Oakland Raiders is also in need of a quarterback following Derek Carr's injury, and many are calling for them to sign in Kaepernick. According to Daily Republic, without Carr, Kaepernick would give the Raiders a better chance of winning than with EJ Manuel and Connor Cook. Even a front office executive with another NFL team, who requested not to be named, believes that Kaepernick is more talented than the two.

On one hand, the Raiders believe Carr would not be gone too long. Carr even requested to be given a shot this week, although it seems quite unrealistic as of now. The Raiders also reportedly like what they see in Manuel and Cook, as Yahoo! Sports reported.

Colin Kaepernick has been a free agent since March and remains unsigned as of writing.

[Featured Image by Harry How/Getty Images]